Latest Obsession: Peter Som for Kohl’s

The Peter Som Collection for Kohl’s hit stores on April 10th, so the next day, I headed to my local Kohl’s to check out the new Kohl’s DesigNation in person. It was a long drive, but totally worth it!!!



Oh. My. Gosh! Everything is just so amazing… I wanted one of everything!!! It was too hard to choose just ONE thing, so I didn’t get anything at all and I’m kicking myself for it. Hoping I will get one of those 30% off things from Kohl’s soon and then I will head back and grab these Charmeuse Soft Pants ($37.50).


Here are just a few of my favorite pieces from the collection…


What’s your favorite piece? Are you loving this collection as much as I am?

Peter Som Collection for Kohl’s On Sale NOW!

peter som

World-renowned designer (and self-confessed beach bum) Peter Som has designed an amazing collection for Kohl’s DesigNation that is inspired by St. Barths. You’ll just soak up the colors, the culture and the bliss of island life.

Now I normally don’t get very excited about celebrity / designer collaborations, but I’m seriously stoked about this collection. For reals. Sure I’m 8 months pregnant and don’t even want to WEAR clothes right now because I’m so ungodly-uncomfortable, but this collection has me ooooing and aaaahing at the amazing pieces. I want to replace my entire wardrobe with one of everything from this awesome collection. It’s so fresh, breezy and summery! Just what i want to see after a long, hard cold winter in New England. Bring on the maxi dresses!

peter som kohls

The collection debuts in stores and online TODAY, April 10th, so click here for more info about the Peter Som collection and get ready to be amazed.

The Nautical Trend: Nursing Moms Edition

Nautical Trend for Nursing Mothers

Nautical Trend for Nursing Mothers by thehousewife featuring eBags and Caroline Hill Collection

I’m totally into the nautical trend right now and have invested in several ridiculously cute JoJo nursing tops and a nice navy stripe nursing dress to make nursing AND trendy a cinch.

I can pair just about any of it with my new Michael Kors Gold Marina Grab Bag from eBags. It’s classically nautical so no matter what you wear with it, you are going to look sea-side ready. I absolutely ADORE this bag! It’s classy, chic and perfect for Spring and Summer. I can’t wait to rock this bag all summer long!!!!



Be sure to check out to find this bag and many other designer handbags from big brands like Michael Kors, which is a super hot brand right now. I’m pretty sure Michael Kors is “the” it brand for 2014 because I’ve seen more MK bags on people than Coach bags for the past couple weeks. Luckily, eBags has a huge selection of MK bags at great prices. Be sure to check them out!

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Get Ready For Spring With These Fab Jewelry Picks from Lisa Stewart Online

Lisa Stewart Jewelry is located in the prestigious and beautiful Beverly Hills, CA. Everything is designed and produced in Los Angeles! If you are looking for fabulous jewelry at prices you can afford, look no further than this Spring.

When I first went on the website, I was immediately impressed with the collections. The MONOGRAM SHOP might be my favorite…

Here are some of my favorite fab pick from the website…

Lisa Stewart Jewelry

Initial bangle


Lisa Stewart | Lisette Mini

I think the Lisette Mini Earrings are my favorite. They are so cute and tiny! I got an “S” and a “B” for my daughter. Will post a pic for you to see soon! (Totally adorable!)

Definitely, my favorite item on the entire website is the Philippians Bracelet. That’s my favorite Bible verse and I would love to have it on my arm to read at any time, all day long. Just one of the many clever items from their Inspiration Collection.


Check out their deals page to find discounts on cute pieces like these Modern Myth Earrings for $19 and the Hammered Heart Necklace that is also only $19.

Readers of The Fashionable Housewife can get 20% off your order on with coupon code lsfan20


I received items from Lisa Stewart in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own and I did not receive compensation for this post. 

ShopLately Wishlist for Spring 2014 Trends

Have you heard of They are one of the #1 women’s accessories & apparel e-tailer! Grab those credit cards and get ready to shop…

You’ll find tons of fashion accessories, jewelry, handbags, shoes, clothing and more for prices you can not only afford but will be telling your friends about.

For example, these studded flats are only $22.95!

studded flats

After browsing the site for about 15 minutes, I found a ton of things I just have to have! So naturally, I made a wishlist…

Here it is…

(Click on the individual items above to see more details and purchase.)

Be sure to check out the “What’s Popular Now” editor picks at the end of every post to find more must-have items from ShopLately. Help support us by clicking on the product you love most and checking out the details! :-)

Shop the latest and hottest trends in women’s fashion at and let me know what you find!

Too Old To Wear, Too New To Keep

Img Source: Wise Geek

Img Source: Wise Geek

As family-oriented women, it can be a struggle to keep enough chic garments on hand to look like more than just a maid without throwing out a comparable number of just-past-chic items. We don’t want to look frumpy and out of style, but the practical sides of us–the sides that many single friends lack!–won’t let us simply discard or give away clothing that still has a lot of serviceable life, and for which we might have paid pretty good money.

Of course, some things get permanent residence in your wardrobe. A well-chosen little black dress will stay with you as long as you stay with it. But for everything else, how do you avoid waste without turning into a clothing hoarder?

First of all, consider yourself lucky to live in San Diego. It’s pretty handy to eliminate the issue of dealing with all the voluminous winter items that your friends further north are buried under (alongside all that snow that they are also buried under). Dealing with mainly a warm-weather wardrobe is a real space-saver.

But beyond that, facts are facts: Things go out (of style) before they wear out, particularly if you’re attentive to good laundry techniques. So what to do with the fallen stars of your fashion sky? Consider some choices of what to do, and what not to do, with unwanted garments.

Do: Send Them Where They’re Wanted

As dull as your life may feel sometimes, there are a lot of women out there aspiring to be as bored as you. They are in domestic violence shelters, or they are just homeless. They’ve been run down by some combination of bad decisions, bad influences, or bad luck, and they are struggling to gain the upper hand in life and reach a tenable situation.

For women who are trying to rebuild their lives, one of the most-overlooked needs is presentable clothing. They must go out for job interviews–perhaps for the first time in years, maybe the first time ever–and your castoffs are most certainly up to the standards set for them. Or maybe they simply need everyday items to wear for cleaning house, attending classes, or running after kids as a single mom.

Whatever their particular needs, they tie largely to having a decent wardrobe. And if you’ve got good items available, give some thought to donating them to a cause that can distribute them to women who need them.

Of course, the usual caveats apply: Don’t give to unproven organizations, and resist any solicitations of cash. Check around a little and make sure you’re dealing with a reputable group. The San Diego Women’s Foundation can probably advise you. And if you’re interested in a tax write-off for your donation, make sure the group is a 501(c)3 organization.


Don’t: Expect Much From Selling Them

Let’s face it: There isn’t much cash market for your everyday clothes. Even your LaDainian Tomlinson Chargers jersey is probably not worth all that much. By the time you list it on eBay, make an attempt or two at a yard sale, or risk a visit from a serial killer by advertising it on Craigslist, you will find that any old form of selling may not work.

For those stray items that were never worn and still bear tags from the retailer, you might recoup modest money. But anything else is not held in very high regard, and the price you receive will reflect that.

If you DO have items that are brand new with the tags or a famous label item in very good condition, you can try selling it on a site like ThredUp or Tradesy if eBay seems too overwhelming for you.  I even recently discovered a site called Swapdom where you can trade clothes and other items.


Do: Keep Them

Wait, weren’t we avoiding hoarding? Yes, we were. And this is not hoarding. It’s storage, and there’s a big difference. Hoarding is ramshackle accumulation of things with questionable value. Storage is an organized method for securing things until some likely future use.

Everything old could become new again. Neon off-the-shoulder tanks don’t look to bounce back onto the racks from their 1986 demise, but just men’s ties vacillate from skinny to wide and back again, many of your items could make a return. Or maybe you experience a personal trend change; why not hang on to your good skinny clothes (or fat clothes) in case you need them again? Just be sure to store them properly.


Whatever you do, fight the temptation to be wasteful and make an effort to do something positive!


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How To Wear The Bomber Vest

I love wearing vests in the Fall before it gets too cold to go without sleeves. My favorite is the bomber vest.

You can bomber vests in almost every store this year. The prices range from around $20 up to $2,000 if you want to get real fancy! There is a huge difference in styles too.

I personally prefer the leather look like this Goode Rider Ladies Bomber Vest. It’s the perfect warm and cozy layer with versatile style! Perfect for the chilly fall days, this stylish vest can be worn with anything from your favorite jeans to a dress for an evening out.

goode rider bomber vest

This faux leather vest has a soft shearling fleece lining, zips down the front, has a ribbed hem, leather tabs, and front zip pockets with leather tabs.

Retails: $119

Get It:




Bomber Vest Weekend Outfit


Bomber Vest Night Out Outfit


Bomber vest with Sweater & Jeans Outfit


What style vest is your favorite for Fall? What kind of outfit would you wear a vest with?

I received a vest from Goode Rider in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own and I did not receive compensation for writing this post.