Because Sometimes You Can’t DIY…

DIY disaster

We’ve all done it. We’ve scrolled through photos and articles about Kitchen Remodels and other home makeovers on Pinterest and here at BlogHer and thought “I bet I could do that.” Here’s a tip: don’t.  At least don’t try to go it alone—especially if you don’t have any contracting or construction experience yourself! Doing minor [...]

5 Must-Haves To Get BEFORE Going Back To School

back to school must-haves

Whether you are a mom that needs to get your kids ready to go back to school or you are a college student that is getting ready for the new school year, we have a list of 5 must-haves that will get you through the upcoming months! 1. Intel Tablet It can be a daunting [...]

Another Snow Day: How to Keep Your Kids From Driving You Crazy

another snow day

     It’s another snow day. You should be excited about the snow, but the kids are home with you all day. You love your children, but they’re a little hyperactive when there’s nothing to do. So, to keep yourself sane, and your kids occupied, here are a few things you can do with them [...]

My Living Room Makeover: The Perfect White Console Table

target threshold console table

My Living Room Makeover PART 5 – Target Threshold Horizontal Bookcase / Console Table I’ve put together a lot of cardboard/MDF furniture in my day and have had a range of experiences. That said, I was expecting a the usual challenges that comes with putting these types of things together but was more than pleasantly [...]

My Living Room Makeover: Quatrefoil Moroccan Painted Wallpaper

the offending wall

My Living Room Makeover PART 2 – Quatrefoil Moroccan Painted Wallpaper First off, I love wallpaper. I grew up in a eclectic bungalow that my parents built themselves in the 70’s that was primarily of rough-cut lumber. There wasn’t a single wall in our entire house that could be painted, wallpapered or anything. You also [...]

My Living Room Makeover: Taking Down The Wall

My Living Room Makeover PART 1 – Taking Down The Wall You may have noticed I haven’t been answering emails, keeping up with Twitter or posting as often on the blog or Facebook. I’ve been extremely busy, totally out-straight working on our Living Room Renovation. We’ve been wanting to do something with our living room [...]

Recipe for DIY Tropical Mango Body Scrub

Mango Body Scrub

In My Mind, I’m Somewhere Tropical DIY Mango Body Scrub With kids screaming and one million and one household chores to complete, sometimes it’s nice to take a moment, close your eyes and imagine you’re somewhere tropical. This month is Pregnancy Awareness Month, and whether you’re currently expecting or have passed the days of baby [...]

Beauty Tip: 10 Ways To Use Coconut Oil

raw coconut oil

Coconut oil is really gaining in popularity, especially in the kitchen. It’s commonly used for cooking, especially in Paleo recipes, but what you probably didn’t realize is that it also offers some amazing beauty benefits for your hair, skin and nails! Here are 10 ways to use coconut oil that I bet you haven’t tried [...]

Must-Read: DIY Recipe to Reduce Cellulite


How many of us suffer from embarrassing and unsightly cellulite? Unfortunately, it’s impossible to completely get rid of it, but there are things we can do to temporarily minimize its appearance. Indie Lee, founder of the all natural skincare line Indie Lee & Co has shared one of her DIY recipes with us. This at-home scrub not only works [...]