Dangerous Curves, Dangerously Addicting-Introducing Gwynnie Bee!

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve blogged for TFH, but I’m back in action and super excited to share something AWESOME with you guys!

About 2 months ago, I saw a Facebook ad, then an ad on a blog, then a YouTube review…ALL about Gwynnie Bee! The ad promised me an unbelievable experience that is like Netflix for clothes-catering to sizes 10-28. How could I resist?!

I shot the (amazing, fast, friendly) support team an email and started a 1 month free trial so that I could share my thoughts with all of you! My trial is nearly up, but I plan to stick with this company for a loooong time. After this post, I’m sure you’ll understand why!  *Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page to learn how YOU can try Gwynnie Bee FREE for 30 days!


After you sign up, start “closeting” items you covet. As far as I know, there is no limit! I do know that you must closet a certain number of items before your first package ships. Within 2-4 days, your clothes arrive with a HAND-WRITTEN note! Awesome, right?! Who does that anymore?! If they don’t fit, use the pre-paid envelopes enclosed to ship them back for a different size or garment. If they DO fit, wear them as long as you like! If you love it, you can email GB and they will give you the option to buy the garment at a discount! Exchange as many times as you like. No shipping charges-EVER!

Thick. Curvy. Full-figured. Whatever you call it, embrace it! If you’re anything like me, you feel that women with a little “oomph” to their figure tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to fashion. Amen?! Well, to entice you a little more, here are a few of my favorite items currently on Gwynnie Bee! They get new items in every week, so you never know what you’ll find! (Rumor has it they’re in the works for carrying pants soon!)


Valentina Illusion Dress


First up, the Valentina Illusion Dress. Can we just gawk at this baby together?! IT. IS. PERFECT. (Just go up a size if you don’t like super snug fits!) This dress has everything. Lace, a sweetheart neckline, ruching to flatten your tummy…you’re GOING to turn heads! Not for the faint of heart! I really love this dress for a nice date, wedding, opera. I hope to re-closet it for the holiday season!


mktopNext up is this super soft, super comfy Michael Kors top. Normally, I’m not the type of girl who could or would pay $70 for a top, but after wearing this designer piece, I understand how fantastic the quality is! This top has ruching on one side with a tie-super cute! There are little silver “MK” beads on the end, which got my friends talking and curious about Gwynnie Bee! This top works great with shorts, jeans, and even slacks for casual Fridays at the office. The cut isn’t constricting at all, flatters the bust but still gives you breathing room-BONUS!



This next dress got me a lot of attention. I promise I’m not exaggerating! The Cult Of California Bat Wing Dress is amazing! The slip underneath is shorter and it screams sex-appeal while the flowy dress is creates a more romantic vibe. Add a bright belt and heels for a fun pop of color! This dress is perfect if you’re like me and self-conscious about your arms. This dress also has a high-low hem which is super on-trend!


asosHere’s the Asos Skater Skirt with a belt (included). Also comes in black. It’s long enough for the office but fun enough for an evening on the town. I haven’t received this item so I can’t comment on the fit, but I hope to get it soon in either color! This is a staple piece. You need this. Seriously. You do.



Remember how I said GB constantly gets new items in? Here’s an example. This piece came out TODAY and I’m in love! I’m ready to buy it and wear it till it falls apart! If you’re anything like me, you can’t get enough of mod prints and chevron. This shirt also hits the color blocking trend-the back has a black panel at the top! I really hope the Gwynnie Bee fairies grant me the wish of having this in my closet SOON!


 -   –   –   –   -

As much as I’d love to share more of my favorites, half of the fun is exploring your style, taking chances and waiting for your shipments! I wasn’t paid to this review and all beliefs are my own! I just love cute and comfy clothes that fit well and I want to share the wealth!

Have you heard of Gwynnie Bee before? Have you tried other subscription services?

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Try Gwynnie Bee FREE for 30 Days!

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Tips & Tricks For Feeling Great About Your Body

If you have a summer vacation planned this year, you might now be experiencing conflicting emotions. Part of you will be really looking forward to the chance to get away from it all, get some sun and relax, whilst another part is absolutely dreading having to bare all on the beach.

women_pinching_bellyIf you aren’t body confident and are worried about your beach body, you aren’t alone. A recent survey by Glamour found that on average, young women have around 13 negative thoughts about their bodies every day. Can you believe it?!


According to stylist Gok Wan, this needs to change. Women need to start loving their bodies and celebrating their best features, rather than rushing to get breast implant surgery, tummy tucks or liposuction. This is especially the case when it comes to revealing our bodies on the beach, an occasion which so many women dread. To get yourself ready for the beach, both physically and mentally, Gok has quite a few useful tips and tricks up his sleeve…


Gok Wan Tips:


  • Improve your posture. Without having to hit the gym or spend a fortune on a new wardrobe, you can drastically improve the way you look and feel simply by standing up straight. Your body will look longer and slimmer, and you’ll feel more confident, if you put your shoulders back, hold your tummy in, raise your chin and walk tall.

  • Choose the right swimwear for your body shape. Whenever you buy clothes, you should be looking for cuts, shapes and styles which flatter your body shape (i.e. pear shape, top-heavy, long and lean etc.). The same goes for buying a bikini or swimsuit – you should choose one which shows off your best bits and hides those you don’t like as much, rather than simply choosing a style that is currently in fashion.

  • Strip it all off and take a long look at yourself in the mirror, balancing every negative thought you have of your body with a positive one. So, for every “I don’t like my cleavage – I need a boob job” you should counter with an “actually, I have a really tiny waist” or “my legs are really long and toned”. It can be hard to praise yourself, but it is so good for your self-image and body confidence to focus on the areas you like about yourself, rather than obsessing over those you don’t.

  • Give your skin a glow. To look great on the beach, a top tip is to use a subtle self-tan or a body oil, both of which will make you look and feel fantastic. Body oil, in particular, reflects the light in a very flattering way, making your limbs look slimmer and your skin look amazing. (Check out our own Tips & Tricks for Sunless Tanning & Bronzers)


TFH’s Tips:

If all else fails you and you really need to lose a few pounds, do it the right way and choose The Dukan Diet. I Lost 18lbs in 8 Weeks on The Dukan Diet and I have maintained my new, lower weight since last Fall. It feels GREAT!

No more yo-yo dieting, no fancy drinks or shakes or tiny portions. The Dukan Diet is easy, you never feel hungry or deprived and you learn a whole new approach to food that leaves you dropping pounds left and right. There is an amazing jump start to this diet that will have you losing several pounds in the first week which gives you the motivation to lose the rest of the weight. Hands down the best and easiest way to lose weight, get healthy and keep the weight OFF.  Check out my experience with The Dukan Diet and see for yourself!

I also HIGHLY recommend drinking Green Tea! For thousands of years, Asian people have enjoyed green tea daily and have visibly reaped the rewards of improved resistance to diseases, less joint pain, increased cardiovascular function and no belly fat! Green tea is packed with a special fat-burning compound called EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) that has been shown in studies to prevent growth of adipocytes (fat cells). So drink up!

Essentials of Buying the Correct Plus Size Bras

When buying plus size lingerie, it is important to keep in mind the aspect of fitting. Proper fitting is the key to comfort when it comes to lingerie, especially if it plus size. Many designer brands are now looking into the aspect of combining high quality design as well as comfort when it comes to plus-size lingerie and bras are no exception to this trend. However, before opting for a particular size of bra, one must also consider cup size, fitting as well as volume. Depending on the type of coverage and volume, the size of the bra might differ from a person’s expectation. Finding high levels of comfort in plus size bras is very important for the buyer.

plus size braThe size and volume of a bra are quite different and can differ from one brand to another. While for a particular type of size and design of bra from one brand might offer full coverage another brand might not have adequate coverage for the same particular type of design and cup size. Therefore, it is always better to be sure of the fitting while opting for bras with larger cup size and volume. Squeezing into a smaller size might seem attractive but it can turn out to be highly uncomfortable. Therefore, spending or opting for the correct size is essential when it comes to bras.

Another important aspect with respect to bigger bras is to ensure a wider strap. The width of the strap of a bra should be proportional to the size of the bra as well. Although the underwire and the band of the bra offer support, it is important that the strap of the bra is wide as well to minimize the weight on one’s shoulder. Narrow straps on a bra of plus size can leave behind marks on the shoulders. Moreover, this extra pressure on the shoulder due to narrow straps will lead to further discomfort.

In addition, narrow straps on bras of plus size is similar to a disaster about to happen. Malfunction or breakage is a common issue with such straps and therefore, it is important to opt for additional support or wider straps when opting for such bras. Opting for bras, which offer double back wraps will eliminate such risks and will add to extra comfort. The greater the support one gets from their bra the greater comfort one will experience. The correct size and support is essential for any good lingerie and for the plus size ones, it is of utmost importance.

Opting for a bra, which is machine washable, would be a good choice since washing them should not turn out to be a hassle. Moreover, one must also ensure that the material and the structure of the bra do not cause any kind of unwanted bulges. If the underlying bra causes unwanted bulges then the dress worn on top of it will not be holding on to its structural or design integrity. Overlooking the design aspect should never be an option when shopping for plus size bras and one must always try to find variety of designs. To learn more, click here.

Review (with before and after pictures) of i-Lipo Laser Liposuction Treatment

Everyone knows that diet and exercise is the best way to lose weight. However, that isn’t always enough and we all know there is almost always room for improvement!

iLipo MachineThe idea of getting full blown liposuction is kinda scary, so you might be a little excited to hear about i-Lipo. It’s a non invasive type of liposuction, takes about 30 minutes per session, NO downtime and it actually works!

Jessica Alba reportedly had a few i-Lipo sessions to get ready for attending the Golden Globes awards shows. She looked absolutely amazing! (And hasn’t she had two kids?!) I also saw the treatment reviewed on “Ricki Lake Show” and noticed substantial results on the woman they performed the procedure on during the show.

Okay, so you’re probably wondering, what exactly is i-Lipo and how do I get it?! Well, first off, it’s the first FDA approved, low level and non-invasive treatment to get rid of cellulite, fat, and lessen the appearance of stretch marks. It was created and launched in the UK, won a slimming award in Paris and is now used all over the USA, Canada and Australia.

i-lipo treatment pads on patient

(Click To Enlarge)

How does it work? Four small plastic paddles are placed on the treatment area and secured with velcro straps so they stay in place. The paddles emit low levels of laser energy, which essentially blasts the fat cells without harming your skin. It sends the signal to break down the stored triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol which then releases the fat to be eliminated from the body. This process of releasing the fatty acids is actually a natural response the body has when the body needs to used stored energy reserves. So the nice thing about the i-Lipo is that it’s not creating any unnatural reaction in the body nor does it damage or alter any surrounding structures such as skin, blood vessels and peripheral nerves.

The usual treatment areas are abdomen (mummy tummy!), thighs, love handles/muffin top and even upper arms. You can basically get i-Lipo any place that you want to slim down that the i-Lipo paddles can be placed on. I decided to get my abdomen / mid-section done (although I considered doing my thighs since no amount of exercise seems to make them any smaller!).

Here is a local ad for the i-Lipo Treatment…

i-lipo treatment ad for boston

I decided to be brave and make an appointment at Dr. Jafar Koupaie’s office (Boston Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery Center)in Brookline, MA to receive the i-Lipo treatment from nurse practitioner Stacey Luddy.

I talked with Stacey for about 10 minutes before receiving the treatment and she was such a sweetheart! I asked her a bunch of questions I thought you ladies would want to know the answers to, before considering a treatment like this. Here is the scoop…


  1. How much does 1 treatment cost? Treatments range from $350-$650 each (BDCSC charges $500 per treatment) but you can get discount packages if you agree to doing the recommended 8 treatments.
  2. How many treatments do I need to get full results? The recommended course of treatment is 8 sessions.
  3. How many treatments before I notice ANY results? Generally patients can see results after just one treatment. (I did!)
  4. How long does it take to receive 1 treatment? Each treatment takes about 30 minutes.
  5. How far apart should each treatment be? There should be at least 4-5 days between each treatment to give your body time to get rid of the fat. Once a week is recommended.
  6. Does it hurt? The most you will feel is a warming sensation.
  7. Where does the fat go? It’s absorbed into the lymph system and flushed out. (Hence the recommended increase in water consumption post-treatment!)
  8. Will it harm my skin? Your skin gets slightly red and warm (This disappeared before I even left the office.)
  9. Are there any known negative side effects? Apparently people with extremely sensitive skin might notice more redness and it may last a couple hours before subsiding, but this extremely rare.*
  10. Can I wear my HotPants after receiving the treatment? They recommended that I not wear them immediately after the procedure just to make sure my skin was not going to have a negative reaction to the treatment. My skin had absolutely no reaction to the procedure at all, so I wore my hotpants the next day.

* Please consult www.ilipo.com for more information.

Immediately after the i-Lipo Treatment, you’re supposed to exercise vigorously to assist in eliminating those freed fatty acids from your body. They recommend that you take a brisk walk or do 20 minutes of cardio. (I think doing one of Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred 20 minute workouts would be ideal.) I couldn’t find my Jillian DVD so I did 30 minutes on my Stair Stepper when I got home, the same day that I received the treatment.

Ready to see my before and after pictures?

[Read more...]

Khloe Kardashian Flashes Her Spanx®

Doesn’t it make you feel better than even celebrities need some “smoothing out”? Khloe Kardashian was caught flashing her Spanx on her way to sister Kim’s dress fitting at Vera Wang.  See ladies, we’re all human!

Khloe’s slimming silhouette of choice: SPANX Hide & Sleek Slipsuit, an all-in-one smoothing bodysuit ideal for curve-hugging bridesmaid dresses with a sleeveless or short sleeved neckline.  The SPANX Slimplicity Strapless Full Slip offers convertible and removable straps should the girls opt for a strapless style.  SPANX Hide & Sleek Shapesuits ($84) and SPANX Slimplicity Strapless Full Slip ($72) are available at www.spanx.com.

About SPANX:

Ten years ago, Sara Blakely began her mission to make the world a better place, one butt at a time. A frustrated (yet fashionable) consumer-turned-entrepreneur, Sara reinvented shapewear with innovative designs and smart features and won the hearts of fashion-loving women, from Jessica Alba to Madonna. Obsessed with creating comfortable garments that minimize figure flaws, Sara has helped create more than 200 problem-solving products and recently entered the bra business with the ground-breaking Bra-llelujah!® In 2006 Sara brought her shapewear know-how to more women with the national launch of ASSETS®, a new collection of shapewear and legwear designed to help women achieve their own red carpet look for less. Continuing to raise the bar with innovative products women want, in 2009 Sara launched Haute Contour®, a lingerie-inspired collection known as the dessert of shapewear™. Today, after many years of demand, Spanx brings their industry expertise to the pool and the beach with swimwear and redefines the men’s underwear category with cotton and zoned performance undershirts and cotton comfort bottoms.

The Best 2011 Swimwear for Fashionable Housewives

Women are a lot like fingerprints – no two are the same. While one housewife may enjoy gardening, an occasional glass of wine and extravagant fashions, another may loath anything with stems, abhors alcohol and would rather play with leaves than pay full price for her clothing. Who is right? The beauty is that in the game of fashion, there are no wrongs, only wrongs for you. And with summer a few short months away, every fashionable housewife will need this summer staple – the swimsuit. Whether you’re into bikinis, tankinis, or one-pieces, there is a style for everyone. Read on to find the best swimsuit for your personality, body type and a few tips to guarantee you’ll be wearing the best fitting swimwear this season.

For the Housewife with a Large Bust

Freya Swimwear: To often women with large breasts must sacrifice support for style. Not anymore! Freya Swimwear is designed for women with D cups and larger and suits run up to a size 40G. The line consists of tankinis, bikinis and one-pieces so you’ll have plenty of options regardless of your coverage style. The best part is the tops run by bra size so you’re guaranteed a great, customized fit. (If you don’t know your size, check out my bra fitting calculator.)

For the Housewife with a Small Bust

Voda Swimwear: The grass always seems greener on the other side. Big busted women want to look smaller and small busted women want more cleavage. Thankfully both can have their cake and eat to it. For the petites, there’s the fabulous Envy collection by Voda Swimwear. These attractive bikinis have special padding that will push your girls up but won’t get heavy when wet. Suits run in small, medium and large and come in four fun colors.

For the Housewife with a Pool Boy

Karla Colletto: Three words. Oh. Em. Gee. This season’s selections are beyond hot, with trendy one-shoulder one pieces to red-hot bandeau bikini tops, this collection will make you want to go to the beach just to rock your new swimwear. The line consists of one-pieces, bikinis and swim skirts and runs in dress sizes so you’re sure to find your best fit.

For the Chic Housewife

Panache Swimwear: Like Freya Swimwear, Panache is for gals with D cups and up who wish to have the utmost support with bra-size bikini and tankini tops. The collection is diverse in its designs and you can either select a solid-color swimsuit or one with a chic print. Suits are supportive and will cover all the right areas.

For the Pregnant Housewife

Anita Swimwear: Anita Swimwear understands what pregnant women want and they design their swimwear accordingly. Comfort, support and a flattering silhouette that won’t constrict baby is the goal of each piece.

Swimwear Fit Tips

    • Your swimwear top should fit as snuggly as a good fitting bra. The snugger the band, the more support your bust will have.
    • If you have a hard-to-fit body type, consider buying your tops and bottoms separately. This way you’ll be able to buy the correct bottom and top size without sacrificing fit or style.
    • For a perfect fit, consider bra sized swimwear. This will provide the most amount of bust support.

If you have any questions, feel free to call my expert bra fit hotline at 1-888-262-4887.

Happy swimwear shopping!

Written by: Linda “The Bra Lady” Becker | LindasOnline.com

Brought to you by Fashionable Media

HELP! Desperately Seeking a Nursing Bra

Since my husband and I are expecting our first bambino next month, my life is full of changes.  Most of them are exciting, like creating a nursery for this little person we haven’t met yet.  Some of them are funny, like when the fraud department at my credit card company called and asked if I was really the person spending so much money at Wal-Mart and Babies R Us.  (My response?  “Yes, I know.  I miss Nordstrom, too.”)  But some of the upcoming changes are a little scary, and for me, breastfeeding falls in that category. 

I’m definitely planning to breastfeed, and I know it’s a natural process and women have been doing it for eons and blah, blah, blah.  But it’s intimidating!  For example, I only recently learned that newborns eat 8-10 times a day.  Seriously?  That’s more often than I check email.  

This woman looks very happy. She has obviously found a good nursing bra.

If I could just get a handle on the wardrobe issues, though, I’d feel much more confident about the whole thing.  Let’s face it: looking good while nursing is the El Dorado of motherhood.  I could go on all day about the limited variety and questionable style of most nursing clothes, but I don’t have the luxury of worrying about that because I have yet to find a suitable nursing bra.  And if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that looking good starts with a great-fitting bra.  

Since I’m naturally “well-endowed”, I’ve been investing in well-made, supportive bras for as long as I can remember.  Wacoal and Chantelle work best for me, and although they cost a pretty penny, I don’t mind spending more for such crucial wardrobe items.  But now I’m fretting because my old stand-bys won’t work for nursing.  

Further complicating the issue is that—of course—my bust has gotten even bigger during the pregnancy.  Something I read said that this is a good sign biologically; it means your body is getting ready for the baby by making sure he can find his food source.  Well, I don’t think that will be a problem.  Helen Keller could find my bosoms these days.  

And now that a supportive bra is even more important than ever, I’m frustrated with the options I’m finding.  So I need HELP in a big way!  Any D or DD women out there who’ve found nursing bras they love?  I’ve heard that underwire styles can be problematic but can’t imagine going without it.  Has anyone found a brand that works?   BareNecessities.com has many options, but I’m not familiar with the brands and have no idea where to start.  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!