Buy a Better Bed Mattress: What You Need to Know

before you buy a bed


You can buy a spectacular looking bed that looks very inviting for a good night’s sleep but if the mattress that you have chosen is not of a good enough standard, then you are going to end up disappointed in the morning and probably not feeling as rested as you should do.


Here is a look at what you need to know so that end up with a mattress that is just right for you and will give you the opportunity to have restful sleep and wake up reinvigorated.


Choice of mattress


The price of a good quality mattress can vary but it should be considered as an investment and therefore worth taking your time over.


There is a great choice of mattresses available from online specialists like John Lewis and you will have to decide whether you are looking for a memory foam or pocket sprung mattress.


Trusted brands


One of the noticeable strong trends surrounding our mattress buying habits is that, according to Which?, nearly 40% of us bought their mattress because it was made by a brand that they trusted rather than choosing it for its particular qualities and features.


If you are one of those who prefer to buy on brand then you are potentially missing out on getting the best mattress that is most suitable to you and your sleeping habits, but you should at least check out customer satisfaction scores and feedback to see what other people are saying about them.


Window shop


Some of the best deals are often found online but with some of the major department stores like John Lewis for example, you should be able to get the opportunity to try before you buy so do your research and aim to try out the mattress you are considering buying in person before you place your order.


When trying out a mattress in a store, wear comfortable clothing and take your coat off so that you recreate as much as possible the feeling that you would get if you were actually going to bed. You should aim to lie on the mattress for about ten minutes and in positions that you would normally sleep in, so you get a good feel for how suitable the mattress is for you.


What to look for


When you are trying out the mattress make sure that you sit on the edge of it as well as the middle. As you sit on the edge of the mattress it should feel firm and should definitely fall away when you put weight on it.


If you are looking at buying a memory foam mattress the make sure to test its credentials by relaxing in one position and then move into another, noting if it was easy to do or not. This will give you an indication of whether a memory foam mattress is suitable for you and if you found that you felt your movement was too restricted, it could mean that you might just struggle to adapt to a mattress of this type.

If you are unsure which mattress is right for you, consider checking out the top mattress buying guide from Consumer Reports.


Trust your instincts


There are some very tempting claims made by mattress manufacturers and some will even claim that they offer the solution to your bad-back problems.


That may well be the case if you are very fortunate but the reality is that widely-held beliefs such as a firm mattress is always better if you suffer from a bad back are not actually supported by any overwhelming medical evidence to support the claim.


There is no definitive answer to what is the best mattress so you are better off trusting your own instincts and choosing the one that feels right for you rather than one that sounds as if it is the right one.


You don’t necessarily have to buy the bed base and the mattress at the same time but if you do decide to buy one without the other then make sure that dimensions are compatible so that you don’t have any problems when you get them home.


The one thing that most people agree on is that if you aim to buy a better quality mattress then you should hopefully be rewarded with a comfortable night’s sleep.


Guest Author:  Amelia Allen is a home design and decorating fanatic. When she’s not renovating, she’s writing about it on various websites.


Bad Breath – The Casue & The Cure!

bad breath

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This article discusses the notorious problem of bad breath, and how to tackle it. Read on for tips on how to address bad breath through diet, health awareness and hygiene.

Failing to brush teeth twice a day is the principle cause of bad breath. This allows bacteria from food particles to build up and remain on the tongue and around the gums. This causes the breath to smell bad. Additionally, if you wear dentures bad breath can be caused if these are not properly cleaned.

Other causes of bad breath include smoking cigarettes or cigars, or even chewing tobacco based products. Smoking also reduces the ability to taste food and can lead to gum irritation.

Why not incorporate a teeth brushing regime with an overall hair and beauty regime, where you can use hair and beauty products to overhaul your appearance as well as your dental hygiene? You can discover great products at MyShowcase.


Health and bad breath

Sometimes bad breath is caused by health problems. Gum disease is signaled by a persistent bad breath and foul taste in the mouth, and is caused by a build up of plaque on teeth. This causes toxins and bacteria to accumulate in the mouth and these can damage gums and even cause damage to the jawbone in serious cases.


Yeast infections can cause bad breath. You should consult your GP if you have an unexplained case of bad breath.


Dry mouth is a medical condition that can lead to bad breath. It interferes with saliva production, which naturally cleanses the mouth by neutralizing acids caused by plaque and washing away dead cells building up in the mouth.


Tips for preventing bad breath

If you want to prevent bad breath you should:


Keep you mouth clean

Keeping your mouth clean is one of the most important things you can do to prevent bad breath. You should buy a good toothbrush and use it to brush your teeth twice daily. Your dentist will be able to advise you on what the best toothbrush for your teeth is. You should replace your toothbrush every six months.


Visit your dentist

Visiting the dentist helps to ensure bad breath is prevented as any causes of bad breath can be swiftly noted and dealt with. The dentist examines the teeth to detect any health issues that can cause bad breath and will ensure you know how to improve dental hygiene if this is required.



If you have bad breath, caused by smoking then the only solution to this is to stop smoking. You can get advice from your GP to assist you in stopping. If you can’t stop, then reducing smoking will help reduce the problem of bad breath. Additionally using breath mints and washing regularly will help, if stopping smoking is not an option. Again, if you don’t want to stop smoking why not substitute your usual cigarette for an e-cigarette or a menthol-based product?


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A Girl’s Gotta Spa! Campaign to Launch Natural Bath and Body Line

My name is Shannon Smyth, founder of A Girl’s Gotta Spa!, a beauty blog that just celebrated its 8th year!

I’m SO excited to tell you about our newest venture–creating our namesake natural bath and body line!

body scrub

Just like you, I too, am tired of hearing all about the next “trendy” ingredient. Brands are launching products just based on this ingredient alone (and most of the time it is the last ingredient on the label, which means it is barely in it!)

Just like you, I too, am tired of hearing how this or that product is the next “miracle” product that will solve all your skin care woes…heck it’s even a multi-tasker and it’s going to de-frizz your hair, make your nails grow stronger AND make you feel better about life in general. How could you possibly not want it??

Just like you, I too, am tired of reading advertisements and brands boasting the amazing effects of their products, even photoshopping to try to make you believe this is JUST what you NEED.

I don’t claim to have developed a bath and body line that is so unique that it will blow you out of the water–no trendy ingredients, no miracle solution.

What I do have, is something purely honest and simple, something effective and natural. No marketing hype. No photoshop.

body butter

My product line is for women who read the labels. Women who care about not only what goes IN their bodies, but ON their bodies. Women who are looking for an effective skin care solution that aren’t persuaded by hype, but by proof.

A Girl’s Gotta Spa! Bath & Body will be a product line with ingredients that are 94-100% natural and are cruelty free.

It is purely without:

    •Synthetic Colors

Sounds great, right? But we need YOUR help! While we are in the works of creating the line, we need the funding to actually launch it. Our crowdfunding campaign ends on November 8, 2013 at midnight PST. As I write this post, we are only 8% funded. Our goal is $4600. Perks begin at a $25 donation (can you say Lavender Lip Balm? I can!) However, every donation– no matter how big or how small, MATTERS and makes a difference.

Click here to donate/read all about it:

Thank you so much for your consideration! I look forward to bringing you a line that you’ll love and use for years to come!

Recipe for DIY Tropical Mango Body Scrub

In My Mind, I’m Somewhere Tropical
DIY Mango Body Scrub

Mango Body Scrub

With kids screaming and one million and one household chores to complete, sometimes it’s nice to take a moment, close your eyes and imagine you’re somewhere tropical. This month is Pregnancy Awareness Month, and whether you’re currently expecting or have passed the days of baby showers and infants, it’s the perfect time for each and every mom to take a second to take care of herself and de-stress with a gorgeous DIY beauty treatment that will leave her glowing and rejuvenated.

This DIY treatment is inspired by the tropical beauty of Honolulu – specifically the Na Ho’ola Spa at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki. This gorgeous island destination is home to some of the most tropical and luxurious pampering spa treatments in the world. The masks and treatments are all-natural and inspired by the reinvigorating ability of a tropical getaway. During the LomiLomi Facial, estheticians harness the natural exfoliating properties of fruit acids – in this case, the fruit acids found in mangoes. Mango does absolute wonders for the skin, leaving the complexion purified and deeply exfoliated and cleansed.

Even if you aren’t jetting off for your own LomiLomi Facial anytime in the near future, you can steal this Tropical treatment inspired by one of the more popular hotels in Honolulu, for yourself in the form of this DIY Mango Body Scrub. It’s incredibly easy to make and use and is the perfect way to experience the relaxation of a spa day in an hour or less in your own home.


You’ll Need:

1 Finely Chopped or Pureed Mango
1/4 Cup Instant Oats
1 Cup of Castor Sugar
1 tbsp Sweet Almond Oil
4 Drops of Essential Orange Oil
1 tbsp Pineapple Juice

What To Do:

Place the peeled mango and oats into a blender and mix. Next, add the remaining ingredients and stir until well incorporated. If you want a deep exfoliate, increase the amount of sugar used. The finished product will have a thick, gritty consistency and a very fruity, tropical smell. Take the scrub into the shower with you, and slowly rub in circular motions over damp skin to exfoliate, cleanse and tone the skin. When you rinse off, be sure to put some sort of covering over the drain to capture the remnants of the scrub. This treatment is luxurious, but can be a little messy. Remember to also wipe down the shower or tub after using any body treatment that contains oils, as they can make surfaces slippery. Enjoy!

The Entrepreneur Revolution

This is, without doubt, one of the most exciting times to be living and working. The 21st century millionaire looks very different to the millionaires of the past. No longer do you have to be male, from the ‘right’ family, and running a multi national organization to be a millionaire. The person who walked past you yesterday on the street, the person in front of you in the queue to get your morning coffee this morning could likely be one of today’s entrepreneur millionaires – or on the way to becoming one.

And, guess what? They are not all men!

Welcome to the entrepreneur revolution. A ‘job for life’ has not existed for many years now, but most people are having a hard time catching up with that fact. The portfolio career has come into its own. This revolution is perfectly positioned to tap into everything that women do exceptionally well, quite naturally and unconsciously and without any stress.

Why? Because we were born to multi task in our sleep, our default communication style is one of collaboration and sharing, our natural characters are empowering and inspiring, we automatically see the best in everyone, we know how to operate on minimum sleep and maximum distraction and still get the job done, and we have creativity and vision coming out of our pores.

The Body Shop was devised over a cup of tea around the kitchen table, and look what happened with that idea!
By its very nature, the entrepreneur revolution is the perfect fit for the 21st century woman. The woman who has given up the ridiculous vision of previous generations of being super woman, rather the woman who knows what she wants, appreciates her value and power, is prepared to ask for what she needs, is able to stand in the centre of her own magnificence without blame or guilt and has the ability to change the world whilst changing nappies at the same time!

Welcome to our time! And it’s about time frankly! Enough with waiting in the wings for our curtain call, we can do our own calling thanks very much! However, we can live our lives our way whilst keeping our bras on – it would be a disaster for all concerned if I took mine off! We no longer have to mimic male testosterone driven character traits to be successful. We can now embrace our fabulous female character traits with pride and know with every cell of our bodies that we will succeed, flourish and blossom as a result.

We have the passion, the vision and the determination to make the most of this entrepreneur climate, we are in control of how business will run in the future and we are responsible for creating the healthy future for the women coming up behind us to step into.

No longer do we have to wait to be ‘seen’ as being good at our jobs to get the promotion and salary we deserve, as entrepreneurs we set our own salaries and always know we will be paid what we are worth.

All businesses will benefit from female entrepreneurs as we crate a catalyst for change wherever we go, we introduce the benefits of collaboration and inclusion that even the most established multi national organizations cannot ignore.

One of the tracks of my life is Sisters are doing it for themselves by Annie Lennox and Aretha Franklin. That song was released a couple of decades ago, but now we are really living the message, with passion, conviction and power.

This is the time to step into the spotlight of your magnificence and shine. The world needs you!

Guest post written by: Katie Day

katie dayAbout Katie:

Katie Day is now on her 2nd book The Heart of Business continuing on from the The High-Heeled Leader: Embrace Your Feminine Power In Life And Work

Katie is currently working on some very exciting projects, as well as her new training program from her 2nd book. This very successful program around Unclogging the Arteries of Business and creating workability and love in the work place has been a big hit with small business as well as large corporate company’s.

The Best 2011 Swimwear for Fashionable Housewives

Women are a lot like fingerprints – no two are the same. While one housewife may enjoy gardening, an occasional glass of wine and extravagant fashions, another may loath anything with stems, abhors alcohol and would rather play with leaves than pay full price for her clothing. Who is right? The beauty is that in the game of fashion, there are no wrongs, only wrongs for you. And with summer a few short months away, every fashionable housewife will need this summer staple – the swimsuit. Whether you’re into bikinis, tankinis, or one-pieces, there is a style for everyone. Read on to find the best swimsuit for your personality, body type and a few tips to guarantee you’ll be wearing the best fitting swimwear this season.

For the Housewife with a Large Bust

Freya Swimwear: To often women with large breasts must sacrifice support for style. Not anymore! Freya Swimwear is designed for women with D cups and larger and suits run up to a size 40G. The line consists of tankinis, bikinis and one-pieces so you’ll have plenty of options regardless of your coverage style. The best part is the tops run by bra size so you’re guaranteed a great, customized fit. (If you don’t know your size, check out my bra fitting calculator.)

For the Housewife with a Small Bust

Voda Swimwear: The grass always seems greener on the other side. Big busted women want to look smaller and small busted women want more cleavage. Thankfully both can have their cake and eat to it. For the petites, there’s the fabulous Envy collection by Voda Swimwear. These attractive bikinis have special padding that will push your girls up but won’t get heavy when wet. Suits run in small, medium and large and come in four fun colors.

For the Housewife with a Pool Boy

Karla Colletto: Three words. Oh. Em. Gee. This season’s selections are beyond hot, with trendy one-shoulder one pieces to red-hot bandeau bikini tops, this collection will make you want to go to the beach just to rock your new swimwear. The line consists of one-pieces, bikinis and swim skirts and runs in dress sizes so you’re sure to find your best fit.

For the Chic Housewife

Panache Swimwear: Like Freya Swimwear, Panache is for gals with D cups and up who wish to have the utmost support with bra-size bikini and tankini tops. The collection is diverse in its designs and you can either select a solid-color swimsuit or one with a chic print. Suits are supportive and will cover all the right areas.

For the Pregnant Housewife

Anita Swimwear: Anita Swimwear understands what pregnant women want and they design their swimwear accordingly. Comfort, support and a flattering silhouette that won’t constrict baby is the goal of each piece.

Swimwear Fit Tips

    • Your swimwear top should fit as snuggly as a good fitting bra. The snugger the band, the more support your bust will have.
    • If you have a hard-to-fit body type, consider buying your tops and bottoms separately. This way you’ll be able to buy the correct bottom and top size without sacrificing fit or style.
    • For a perfect fit, consider bra sized swimwear. This will provide the most amount of bust support.

If you have any questions, feel free to call my expert bra fit hotline at 1-888-262-4887.

Happy swimwear shopping!

Written by: Linda “The Bra Lady” Becker |

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Traveling & Vacation Tips from

1. Jack Black Oil Free Sun Guard SPF 45- Surprise, it isn’t just for men! I am crazy about wearing sunscreen and this one is water & sweat resistant and lasts for hours so I don’t have to worry about constantly reapplying.

2. Air Repair Rescue Balm- By now you know I don’t leave home without a tube of this. I slather it on my lips & include a dolip in my body lotion to insure ultimate hydration.

3. Archipelago Mint Lotion- After a day in the sun this lotion is cooling & moisturizing.

4. David Kirsch Super Greens- I love traveling but inevitably I eat unhealthy and don’t get enough fruits and vegetables so I drink 1-2 packets daily.