Regular Visits From the Tooth Fairy: Child Tooth Decay Facts and Fiction

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Tooth decay is seemingly on the rise as our kids seem to have more of a sweet tooth than ever before, leaving their teeth more vulnerable to decay than ever before. This trend could lead to the tooth fairy being overworked but what are the facts and what is fiction when it comes to child […]

How To Keep Your Body in Shape and Everything in the Right Place

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Let’s face facts, it’s hard to defy gravity as we get older and some parts of our body appear to have a natural inclination to head south. The good news is that there are some exercises you can build into your daily routine which will help you to fight back against the sands of time […]

Permanent Makeup: Are Eyebrow Tattoos a Good Idea?

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There are definitely pros and cons attached to the practice of eyebrow tattooing and whilst one of the obvious benefits is the prospect of your eyes being ready to go as soon as you get up, you should also consider the known drawbacks and health risks before going ahead. Time-saving idea Some people have some […]

Holiday in London? Find Hotels by Places to Eat Near Wembley

Aerial image of Wembley Stadium, London

Wembley has long been a popular area of London for people to stay in during their travels. Many people come to Wembley not just to see an event at Wembley Stadium or the SSE Arena (once known as Wembley Arena) but because staying in Wembley puts them in a prime location to have easy access […]

Wondering About The Quality Elderly Care Homes Eastbourne Offers?

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It is important to every family that your loved ones, as they reach an advanced age, have the safety and comfort they need in the place they are living. You want to be sure that all of their needs are being met, they are happy and comfortable and, if needed, they receive the appropriate medical […]

3 Reasons Driving With Uber is a Fit for Recent Grads

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College graduates often struggle to start their careers. A lot of employers want to hire people who have more than just a recent degree. This can leave graduates strapped for cash and uncertain of how they will start their adult lives. Instead of moving in with your parents or getting a minimum wage job, consider […]

Safety First: Smart Family Rules for Amusement Parks and Outdoor Tourist Venues

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Family members, especially the kids, are often so excited about vacations or plans to go to an amusement park that they forget about the importance of safety. However, like buckling your seatbelt, safety is something that should not go overlooked regardless of how mundane preparation may seem. Remember the following safety tips for the next […]

Your 4-Point Guide to Industrial Plugs and Sockets


  If you own a factory or commercial premises, if you are operating electrical equipment outside, or even if you are using a caravan or mobile home, you’re going to need to know about industrial plugs and sockets. Industrial-type sockets and plugs are similar to the regular household fittings in that they transport electricity and […]

Women and Weight Loss: How Hormones Can Help or Hinder Your Diet


When you look around, it seems like some women drop weight without even trying. In fact, some women can eat anything and still lose weight. But, not you. Why is that? In a word: hormones. Men and Women Differ Men and women are very different creatures, if you haven’t figured that out already! For starters, […]

Got Questions About Modern Home Cooling Systems?

  When the summer heat hits, it’s nice to know that you have a cool place to hang out. But, if you don’t have an air conditioning system, you need to know about what’s out there on the market, which are the best buys, and how they work.   Traditional Air Conditioning   Traditional air […]