POND’S Luminous Clean Line of Beauty Products

On Pond’s main web page, I found the following words: “Trust in a POND’S classic” … and like so many other women over the last 150 years, I have done exactly that! I learned to trust Pond’s from my mother, who no doubt learned about Pond’s from her own Mom. It’s the only product I’ve cleansed my face with since I was a teenager … and that isn’t really, um … recent. ;o)

I was delighted to be asked by the Fashionable Housewife to try some new Pond’s products: Pond’s “Luminous Clean” line, which includes Wet Cleansing Towelettes, Cream Cleanser, and Daily Exfoliating Cleanser. I found that all three products worked every bit as well as all of the many Ponds products I’ve tried in the past.

The Daily Exfoliating Cleanser was smooth and creamy, and left my skin feeling really clean and refreshed. The Cream Cleanser did a wonderful job removing my makeup, and leaving my face feeling soft and gleaming. The Wet Cleansing Towelettes were, indeed, wet, and didn’t just pretend to be! They were thick and soft, and were a joy to use.

In the interest of being certain that you actually get an honest “review”, and not simply another “ad”, I do have to admit that the fragrance in all three was just a bit much for my own taste, as it seemed to be excessively sweet. Almost like a watermelon scent? However, please keep in mind that the preference for one fragrance over another is quite personal, and I have no doubt that many of you will love these Ponds products as much for their fragrance as for their value and effectiveness.


-The Fashionable GrandMoof

Jump Start Your Weight Loss With Ritual Cleanse!

It’s January, and time for us all to re-evaluate how we are doing, esp. in taking care of our bodies… and there is no better way to start the year off right, then by cleansing and fasting to “reset” ourselves.

Those of you who are timid to try a juice fast and don’t think you can handle it, have to give the “Ritual Cleanse” a try.

Each bottle ( 100% biodegradable) is labeled #1-6 making it so easy to continue on all day fasting without having to think about groceries, juicing, cleaning the juicer, recipes or finding time in your busy schedule to make the drinks. They are freshly made, chilled and are overnight shipped out the day before your start date. All with the convenience of having it all prepared for you.. what more can you ask for?? All you have to do, is drink. AND I can’t say enough about how absolutely delicious these drinks were… so fresh and clean tasting allowing you to depict each ingredient in each drink. A gourmet experience for sure!

Well, this was my second time on the Ritual Cleanse… and I love it!! (Click here to read my first experience with Ritual Cleanse!)

I never feel hungry or have cravings and sometimes I don’t get through all 6 bottles in one day. I get lots of energy, feel great, and love the light, empty feeling in my gut! I get energized, clear-headed, motivated, ambitious, productive, sleep great, and my skin gets a glow to it. I don’t get dizzy or light headed on the Ritual Cleanse because you aren’t starving your body, your nourishing it with fresh organic (not pasteurized) great tasting ingredients….. over 15 lbs of veggies and fruits are used to make each bottle of liquid gold.

And after the 3 days, I don’t feel deprived and anxious to eat something.. anything!! Instead, I feel so clean, skinny and healthy that it inspires me to continue eating healthy making my own juices and eating mostly raw.

Now, did I mention I lost 6 pounds the first week and continued to loose while continuing on healthy intake and have now lost 14 pounds !! Love the flat tummy and thin thighs!! I can finally wear skinny jeans and feel skinny! :-)

Ritual Cleanse has the best customer service, too!! The owners are the nicest ladies and are always willing and eager to answer all your questions. I highly recommend Ritual Cleanse if you are looking for a kick start to any new health regime, loose weight, want to glow before your wedding, or just want to feel super healthy!

Start your New Year with a Ritual Cleanse!!

Click Here to Order Ritual Cleanse Products >>>

Ritual Cleanse has a great group discount if you can find some friends to join you as well as a super Referral Program. So if you are going to order, PLEASE leave a comment here and let us know so we can add you to our referred list!

* The product for this review was provided to us free of charge for the purpose of product testing. This does not effect our opinion of the products in any way. We only write about products we personally like and use, regardless of how they were acquired.

iS Clinical White Lightening Skin Brightening System

I got the chance to use and review iS Clinical’s White Lightening System which is a 2-in-1 treatment with skin lightening agents. Used together, these products offer antioxidant protection, gentle controlled exfoliation, interruption of communication between melanocytes and keratinocytes, as well as inhibiting the production of excess melanin. In plain English, it dramatically reduces brown spots and dark scars.

The first product: iS Clinical White Lightening Complex.

    This is an exfoliating, skin lightening antioxidant treatment. It contains extracts like Willow Bark, Sugar Cane , Vaccinium Myrtillus Fruit/Leaf , Imperata Cylindrica Root, Licorice , Alpha-Arbutin and others an it delivers with the correct pH. It also is quite moisturizing and also contains a powerful antioxidant protection.

The second product in this system: iS Clinical White Lightening Serum.

    This is shown to lighten hyper pigmentation in 3 months. Its ingredients are similar to the Lightening Complex however it tends to be a little stronger. The sugar cane extract provides gentle and controlled exfoliation targeting the pigmented skin cells which allows for the active lightening ingredients to sink into the skin. It is a very lightweight serum (be careful because it is thin as water and you may waste it) with blend of Norwegian sea kelp extracts and powerful botanical acids lighten as well as deliver anti-aging benefits, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.

Adding these 2 products to my usual regimen was simple and I noticed a difference in the texture of my skin with one application, making it smooth and moist with no drying or flaking that I get with most exfoliators. After a few days, I noticed the overall appearance of my skin to be lighter and more even toned. I’m looking forward to continuing to use it for the 3 full months and having a light, clear complexion. And don’t forget the sunscreen when using this…the sun is the biggest source of discoloration and brown spots…

I’ll blog again after I use is consistently and let you know my results!

Official Site: http://www.isclinical.com

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Ritual Cleanse Organic Raw Juice Fast Review

We are so grateful  to the Ritual Cleanse Company to give us this opportunity  to be able to bring this review to our readers. This is the first cleanse that we have had the opportunity to use and review on The Fashionable Housewife.  We couldn’t be happier with the results!!

I am now a huge fan of Ritual Cleanse and hope to make this a major part of my Healthy Living Routine.

We all know that fasting is a very effective way of detoxifying the body and allows the body to heal itself and as we give our organs a rest we are helping to reverse aging.  Fasting with fresh organic juice floods the cells with vitamins and minerals making it the safest way to accomplish this…. and the convenience of having it all prepared for you… what more can you ask for??

I can’t say enough about how absolutely delicious these drinks were… so fresh and clean tasting allowing you to depict each ingredient in each drink.   And the best part… I was never hungry!

Each bottle ( 100% biodegradable) is labeled #1-6 making it so easy to continue on all day fasting without having to think about groceries, juicing, cleaning the juicer, or recipes. They are freshly made, chilled and are overnight shipped out the day before your start date.

Seasonal Reset


    Juice # 1 , 3, 5 :  Green Drinks  … Spinach, Kale,   Romaine, Celery, Cucumber, Ginger, Apple, Lemon
    Juice #2 :  Alkaline Water, Lemon, Agave, Cayenne
    Juice #4 :  Strawberry, Watermelon, Young Coconut Water
    Juice #6 :  Cashew, Alkaline Water, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Vanilla, Agave

You may be thinking…”6 bottles of juice isn’t going to sustain me all day”… well… I had trouble remembering to keep up with them ..I was never hungry or even thought about food or even the next drink.  I had so much energy, never dizzy or light headed.  I  felt so good, and I slept great.   The cashew Juice #6 , was so yummy, that I felt like I was cheating and having a dessert!!!!

Enter coupon code fhwreader to get 15% off ANY product (cleanse or juices) on www.ritualcleanse.com The code will be valid until June 12th, 2011 so take advantage of this offer NOW!

They also sent me Shred, two specially formulated pre and post workout juices that provide the perfect nutrients so I could keep up with my workout even while cleansing.

I always thought that I ate healthy, but after cleansing with Ritual, I realized I wasn’t feeling “good” with the foods I was eating.   After finishing this cleanse and feeling so good, I have changed my diet to even a healthier one in order to keep this great healthy feeling that the Ritual gave me those 3 days.  I love, LOVE, LOVED this cleanse………

I would absolutely do this cleanse again. I think it would be ideal to do it at least twice a year. So great for your body and really helps jump start weight loss as well!

It is expensive but the health benefits, the delicious and organic taste, plus the convenience to make your cleanse a success, makes it all worth it!!! I definitely recommend Ritual Cleanse!!!

Find more info and pricing at www.ritualcleanse.com

Rosacea Relief Naturally with Riversol Skin Care

Created by a dermatologist for sensitive and rosacea skin, Riversol is premium skincare unlike any other! Dr. Rivers’ formulations, which combine thujaplicin with vitamins C and E are well tolerated by the even most sensitive skin, so we were excited to try out their products.

I received samples of their Eye Cream and Daily Cream Cleanser, plus a jar of their Moisturizing Cream to try our and review.

At first, I thought the moisturizer seemed more like a night cream than a day cream because it seemed a little on the heavy side when I first put it on. I put it all over my face before I went out to snowblow in a blizzard a few weeks ago. I think it would be really good after sun exposure as well. I found it was also great on the back of my hands too. It really softens the skin fast and skin stays supple and moist for hours after, without a greasy feeling.

After the moisturizer is on your skin for a while, it actually feels a lot lighter. After about an hour, you can barely feel it, which is a good thing if you have oily skin. I have dry skin and I found that it adequately moisturized my face as well, but I would love to try their T-Plus Moisturizing Concentrate as well.

The best part about this moisturizer is there is no scent or smell! Most often I find that I love the moisturizing effects of creams, but can’t stand the heavy scents and perfumes, making it impossible for me to use. Such is not the case with this cream. I also like that it left my face feeling and looking smoother with a matte effect. Great for under makeup too! (Even mineral makeup!)

I also love that Riversol all natural, no testing on animals, etc. Riversol products contain a strong anti-oxidant called thujaplicin, which is an ingredient derived from the Pacific Red Cedar tree that contains a redness-reducing molecule.

The cleansing cream is also great. I just used it again before writing this post and it’s top notch. It leaves the face moist even without the moisturizing cream. It kinda wakes up the face a bit! When you wash it off, you can feel the difference in your skin right away. I then applied the eye cream and my skin looked refreshed.

An hour later, I could still feel the positive effects of the products. Another plus is the eye cream doesn’t burn your eyes either – a common complaint with most eye creams.

Overall I am really impressed with their products and would not only personally purchase them, but would also recommend them to anyone who has Rosacea or sensitive skin that wants a natural approach to skin care.

Visit their website for more information and to purchase these products.

* The product for this review was provided to us free of charge for the purpose or product testing. This does not effect our opinion of the products in any way. We only write about products we personally like and use, regardless of how they were acquired.

Perricone MD Cold Plasma Eye Review

Dr. Nicholas Perricone is a freaking genius and has wowed us once again, this time with his new and totally amazing Cold Plasma for Eyes!

Read Cold Plasma Perricone Reviews >>

Perricone Free ShippingWe’ve teamed up with Perricone again to offer our readers a chance to win a fabulous Perricone MD skin care product. This time we’re giving away a full size jar of Cold Plasma For Eyes (valued at $95)!!

Cold Plasma Eye is a drenching cream-based serum that addresses the seven most visible signs of aging along the contours of the eyes: fine lines, puffiness, dark circles, redness, loss of elasticity, loss of hydration and loss of brightness.

Safe enough to apply along the orbital bone and directly on the eye lid where many women experience dryness. Cold Plasma Eye absorbs quickly into the skin and provides an excellent base for concealer and make-up. Part of the award-winning Cold Plasma family, it’s an essential treatment for luminous, sparkling eyes.

Free of parabens, silicons, sulfates, phthalates, and synthetic dyes.


I’m 62 years old and I have been using Perricone products for a while now and LOVE them.

Some people complain about the scent of Perricone’s products, but I don’t mind it at all. I would rather use products with natural smells or no smell than the usual, overwhelming “perfumey” smells they put in most products on the market.

I loved the Cold Plasma and had to try the Cold Plasma for Eyes for firming up around the eye area. I love it, though, it’s not quite enough moisture for my eyes so I use another moisturizer on top in addition to the Cold Plasma Eye. I have also started to use it around the mouth area, hoping for positive results. I’ll let you know how that goes!

Have you tried any Perricone products?

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Review: Perricone MD Cold Plasma Anti-Aging Formula

Cold Plasma is a custom blend of proprietary antiaging actives that represents Dr. Perricone’s most comprehensive and efficacious scientific research to date.

This powerful skincare essential prevents and corrects the ten most visible signs of aging relating to: firmness, elasticity, clarity, radiance, smoothness, texture, redness, blotchiness, wrinkles, and dryness.

Cold Plasma, a breakthrough, revolutionary treatment from Dr. Perricone formulated to address the 10 most visible signs of aging and impart gorgeous, supple, healthy looking skin. Layer it under your favorite treatment product for ultimate amplified results!

I absolutely love Dr. Perricone’s Cold Plasma. I having been using a few of his products for the last 6 months and I truly love this one the best. This lightweight gel/creme formula is very light and goes on smoothly and is totally non-greasy. I know others complain about the smell of some of his products and esp. this one, but I don’t mind it at all. A clean smell.

I use Dr Perricone's Gentle Cleanser first and then smooth on Cold Plasma. The box says to use liberally, it is definitely too expensive for me to use liberally! I use only enough to spread all over my face and neck, using the least amount possible to cover the area. Using it sparingly has given me great results! I love the way my skin looks after I apply it, fresh, dewy, pliant, and supple. It gives me a radiance that really makes my skin look alive… and that is impressive when you are 62 years old and drying up! I’m now going to start using the Cold Plasma for Eyes and I can’t wait to see how well it works. How exciting!!

Price: $150

Get Cold Plasma Face on perriconemd.com as well as online at Sephora.com, Nordstrom.com and Beauty.com.

Right now, you can purchase Perricone MD Cold Plasma for Face & Cold Plasma for Eyes (a $245 Value) together on Sephora.com for only $195!