Day 12 of 12 Days of Style – Sequin Sweatshirt

What is 12 Days of Style? From now until Christmas, I’ve been attempting to wear something something fun, trendy or out of the ordinary to get myself out of a style slump! Here is Day 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas all! It’s day 12 of my 12 days of style! Do you think I made it out of my style slump?

I’m wearing a sequined sweatshirt that I bought at Target for $20. It’s a size small but I think it’s bigger than I wanted it to be. I hate returning stuff though… Am I the only one?

I’m wearing lace shorts with tights and my favorite black boots. I accessorized with a Betsey Johnson scarf and snowflake earrings. I know it’s not the most festive Christmas outfit I could come up with, but I’m comfortable!

Hope you all have a very Merry CHRISTmas today and get to spend it with your family! Love and hugs to all!


Top: Sequin Fleece Sweatshirt from Target
Earrings: Snowflake Drop Earrings
Scarf: Betsey Johnson Silk Chiffon Butterfly Scarf
Shorts: black lace shorts
Shoes: Born Tatiana

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  • sarah_a1

    If my husband had come home and said to me “Honey, I picked something nice for you from Target today.” And then he said it was a sequined sweatshirt, the image my mind would have conjoured up would make me barf. But you know what? I actually love the top on you and the ensemble you’ve paired it with, is awesome. Maybe the barf would be justifiable if he’d said “Honey I bought a sequined sweatshirt for you from Walmart!”