Great Hair Day For A Great Announcement!

A couple months ago, I tried out Dove’s new Intensive Repair Hair Care Shampoo and Conditioner. After 2 months of use, I have intensely refreshed and uber moisturized hair that is shiny and full of life. I can’t believe how a never-ending “bad hair day” (which lasted about 2 years) suddenly turned around! I now have softer more manageable hair that doesn’t feel dry, brittle or unmanageable.

The best part? My hair is back to it’s original color! I mean, just look at it…

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It’s a great hair day for a great announcement!

Baby #3 is due May 2014!!

My son (3) and my daughter (6) are super excited to welcome a new member into our family this coming Spring. I struggled quite a bit with morning sickness for the first 11 weeks and then it started to subside. Now that I’m in the second trimester, I’m feeling a lot less nauseous. So if you were wondering about the lack of posts (especially outfit posts!) in the past 3 months, well now you know why. If you’ve emailed me and I haven’t replied yet, that would also be because sitting at the computer checking emails hasn’t been high on my priority list considering my physical condition at the moment.

I’ve already done this whole “being pregnant thing”, twice now, so I feel like a pro. I knew what morning sickness would be like and I already knew what remedies worked best for me. The only thing that has really surprised me this time around is how everyone asks me (including my midwife), “Was this planned?!” My parents, uncles, aunts and cousins all had two kids and that’s it. However, my grandparents, on both sides, came from families of 7 or more children. Both my husband and I have always imagined ourselves having a large family. However, as we’ve recently learned, having more than two kids these days is considered bizarre and out of the ordinary! Oh well. I guess you can’t please everyone. We’re absolutely over the moon about our growing family, regardless!

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