Today’s Outfit: TJ Maxx Score #4

Yes, this is yet another outfit made from items that I got during my big TJ Maxx Score. I’m mixing and matching all 15+ items I got for under $200 with items that were already in my wardrobe to create new Fall outfits.

One of my favorite pieces was a sheer black skull print blouse that I wore last week in Outfit #2 with the rust colored jeggings from TJ Maxx and my Dansko Nat Lace-Up Leather Boots. I mentioned I wanted to try wearing it with shorts and tights, so here’s my attempt…

These black fleece lined tights are like my new favorite thing in life. They are so comfortable!!!!! Soft and cozy on the inside, regular looking tights on the outside. No one has any idea how cozy these tights actually are! Okay so they are a little bulky and make my legs look a little bigger than they actually are, but they are so warm, I couldn’t care less.

I got the fleece lined tights at TJ Maxx for $3! Yes, THREE DOLLARS! I’m wearing them with the skull print blouse I got at TJ Maxx for $16 and a pair of shorts I just bought at Old Navy for $2.49. Old Navy shorts run pretty big I’ve noticed… these are a size 0 and I usually wear size 4 in Old Navy jeans. What’s up with that?

Has anyone else noticed that??? Also, what do you think of this outfit? What would you do differently???

Today’s Outfit

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