Today’s Outfit: TJ Maxx Score Outfit #3

I scored big time at TJ Maxx and have come up with yet another outfit from the 15+ items I got for under $200.

Here were my Outfit Ideas to go with the rusty orange colored blouse…

And here is what I ended up wearing today…

I decided to wear these Lee Gold Label Piper Jeggings instead of the other pants because I was planning on doing some outside work today including putting up Christmas lights. These super comfy, stretchy jeans from Lee have zippers on the ankles and a cute zippered back pocket. Just little details that make them unique and set them apart from the rest of the jeans out there… They were a little big for me last week, but after 4 days of eating Thanksgiving dinner, pies and leftovers, these jeans are fitting a little bit better! (Shhhh don’t tell Dr Dukan!) These jeans are now officially my fat pants… Eeeek!

In all honesty though, these jeans run a little bit. They are a size 2 which is normally quite tight on me. I would say these are even tighter than a juniors size 3. They are more like a loose size 2 or a very tight size 4. I usually need a belt to keep them up snugly. I like my jeggings a little more form fitting than that! I love the length, the zippers and the feel of the material so it makes up for them being a little loose. They aren’t that loose today though… I gotta stop eating PIE!

This top isn’t quite this color in person… it’s more of a muted copper penny color than an orange. For the record, I would never wear orange and black together. On purpose. Unless it was halloween. Maybe… Even then I probably wouldn’t!

I absolutely LOVE the color of this blouse and it goes well with a lot of items in my closet. It has a elasticized cinched in waist that is very figure flattering. I think next time I wear it I’m going to try it with a belt at the waist. What do you ladies think?

Today’s Outfit

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