Fall/Winter Hairstyles to Try this Year

No matter what your age, there are numerous fall/winter 2012 hairstyles you can try. Below, we give you hairstyles for your 20’s, 30’s and beyond, including product recommendations, styling tricks and more. Keep reading to get your best hair yet this year!


Flavio Oliveira, owner and master stylist of Mode A Salon in Bronxville, New York, shares these tips to help you make the most of your hair in your 20’s. Says Flavio:

The twenty-something female has so many opportunities to explore her independence through fashion, beauty, lifestyle and career. The way a woman in her twenties expresses herself is creatively, whether she has long, medium or short hair.  For this on-the-go age group, the transition from day to evening can be as simple as styling a short do’ with a few bobby pins, styling a medium do’ with a low chignon or a half up/down do’ and with long hair, play around with a modified bun, braids, a messy ponytail and so many more.

If you have long hair, nothing is simpler – or sexier – than big volume and loose waves. To get the look, massage a quarter size amount of Clairol Volume Mousse into damp or dry hair, then give hair a light tousle for mega volume and subtle waves.

For a medium ‘do, try a casual chignon. To keep your bun looking perfect, use Clairol Shaping Gel to keep your style in place without feeling sticky or drying. Ladies with short locks should try a dramatic part and a sleek, undone style. Achieve this look by washing hair with Clairol Daily Shampoo, then apply a dime size amount of Clairol Leave-In Conditioner for frizz-free, sleek and shiny locks all day long.


Says Flavio:

As women approach their thirties, they want to convey a more polished and elegant look.  Oftentimes, they become more exigent with their appearance.  A mid length haircut can revive self-confidence by re-introducing personal style. For women in their thirties who have longer hair, Flavio suggests to make a quick braid.  Twist only half the braid into a bun and let the rest fall beautifully down the back.

If you’re in your 30’s, you want hairstyles that mesh with your busy lifestyle. To achieve a clean, crisp look for a bob or mid-length style, use Clairol Rinse-Off Conditioner to repair any damage, then style as usual. For curly hair, use Clairol Leave-In Conditioner for bouncy, shiny curls that are defined and frizz-free. For women in their 30’s who have longer hair, use a 1″ barrel curling iron to give your hair loose, beachy waves and finish the style with Nexxus Frizz-Defy Styling Cream.


For women in their 40’s, Flavio says:

As a woman approaches and gets into her forties, gray hair does too (sometimes, perhaps even before). Start with a mid length haircut with shorter layers and a vibrant hair gloss.  This boosts volume and creates a formal look. To ensure results, it’s important to develop confidence in a hair stylist.

We say that your 40’s can be your best “hair time,” if you use the right products and style your locks appropriately. For women with shorter hair who want to cover grays, use John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Color in a shade no more than 2 shades lighter or darker than your current hue. To keep your style frizz-free, use Nexxus Frizz Defy Oil Treatment so your locks are silky & shiny all day long.

For medium-length hair or longer, shampoo and condition with Nexxus Frizz Defy Shampoo and Conditioner and style as usual. To finish your style, use Nexxus Frizz Defy Hairspray for all day old without any stiffness or stickiness.


Flavio’s words of wisdom:

Just because a woman turns fifty, doesn’t mean she should cut her hair short.  Women in their fifties are beautiful, sexy and more stylish than ever.  To enforce confidence, the ultimate hairstyle is mid length cut with some layers or bangs.

We totally agree! On that note, you can keep your hair looking glossy and free of grays with John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Color. Keep your layers looking perfectly coiffed with Nexxus Frizz Defy Styling Cremeor use their oil treatment for sleek and shiny locks that last. However you choose to style your hair in this age group – curly, straight or something in between – confidence is key to looking your best.

Of course, on those days you just don’t feel like doing your hair, try a beret! Cute and stylish for any age group, a beret can transform your look without you having to announce to the world you’re having a bad day. Hartford York makes good berets in a wide variety of colors to suit your every mood.

As you can see, no matter what age group you’re in you can find the right products and styling tips to rock any hairstyle you choose. How did this post inspire you?

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