Must-Have For After Your Vacation

If you have fair skin like me, bronzers are a must. I spent 10 days in Florida and was out in the sun everyday, but I burn so easily that I wore 70spf every time I went outside. So needless to say, I came back from my vacation as white as I was when I left! Everyone was asking me where my tan went…

I should have used my By Terry VIP Bronze Expert Sun Glow Perfecting Brush 3 Sun Tropic before I met up with friends and family after my vacation.

The Terry VIP Bronze Expert is a smart brush loaded with futuristic bronzer that delivers an instant summer glow. Revolutionary encapsulated Beta-Carotene pigment Subliten from Malaysian Palm Oil instantly gives complexions an ultra-natural color without any self-tanning ingredients. This savvy new beauty product has an easy, convenient, and professional “airbrush” application for bronzing touch-ups, anytime, anywhere.

It’s so handy and delivers fantastic results that will help you fake a tan, just in case you didn’t get one while you were on vacation!

Price: $48



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