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stylish diaper bags

If you are looking for stylish diaper bags to suite your busy lifestyle, look no further than Adelina Madelina Diaper Bags. Stylish, sensible and perfectly practical, their diaper bags will have you the envy of every mom at the playdate.

Pictured above is the “I’ll Handle It” Hobo in Citron/Slate that fits everything! You won’t ever have to contemplate whether or not to bring those extra two diapers or that extra outfit. With this large hobo diaper bag, you can take it all in style.

Being only 5’2″, I think this bag is a little too large for my frame and I look like I’ve got everything but the kitchen sink in there! The first thing my husband said was, “Wow! That bag is huge! We could just roll you up and stick you right in there!”

So I’m thinking, if you’ve twins? No need for two bags! This roomy hobo will definitely do the trick. And if you aren’t a short little hobit like myself, you’ll look ravishing carrying it down the street. According to my husband, I look a bit like a clown carrying it though. lol

This bag has huge pockets on the outside, lots of compartments for organization on the inside, and yet when you are walking down the street, no one will ever suspect it’s a diaper bag full of dirty diapers and a few moldy cheerios at the bottom. This diaper bag is chic all the way and comes in several color options besides the modern combo shown here. Very classy looking!

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