Zaggora Hot Pants Review – Lose 2 Jean Sizes in 2 Weeks!

Last week I mentioned I was reviewing Zaggora Hot Pants. I wore them for 3 days and noticed immediate results! Not only did I lose one whole pants size in the first 3 days, I literally lost noticeable inches from around my waist, hips, butt and thighs.

I didn’t wear them every single day for 2 weeks like I was supposed to, but I did wear them for at least 14 days within a 3 week period. I absolutely contribute some of my weight loss success with The Dukan Diet to be partly due to the Zaggora HotPants.

About Zaggora Hot Pants

Women lose weight 4x faster wearing HotPants™! Specially designed with Celu-Lite technology fabric lining, HotPants™ enhance your natural body temperature to warm you up in the areas you want to target most (thighs, bum, and legs).

Tested at the Chelsea School at Brighton University, HotPants™ are proven to use your body heat to increase energy expenditure before and after exercise by raising your core body temperature by up to 18%. Since you’re heating up and your body is using more energy, you are burning more calories; calorie burn increases by 26% in the hour after exercise with HotPants™ too. As we all know, as you burn calories, you lose weight.

It says to wear them for 2 weeks to lose up to 2 pant sizes. Now I’ve had the opportunity to try out and/or review a lot of clothing items that promised to burn calories and make you lose inches, but this is the FIRST TIME I’ve seen anything like this actually work. I’m extremely impressed. I can see a difference in the appearance and texture of my skin as well, which is more than I can say for most of the creams and serums I’ve reviewed as well.

Apparently Denise Richards likes HotPants too…

At this point, I need to get new HotPants in a smaller size because these are now too big for me! Now that’s a wonderful feeling…

Would you take the plunge and try Zaggora HotPants? Tell us!

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