Now These Undies Are Actually Wedgie-Free! (Chico's)Yah, these are actually wedgie-free unlike the Hanes undies. Not only that, they are completely invisible, even under the sheerest clothing.

They have this neat “stay-put technology” that is actually breathable silicone lines on the inside of the legs on the panties. So that means when you move, your undies don’t. No budging and no shifting. I LOVE that! You can bend, spread your legs, kick-box, whatever and you’ll never have to fish your undies out of your behind again.

I have a big butt. And it’s not big cause I’m fat. It’s like a Jennifer Lopez butt. It’s just big, round, and out there, so I always have a problem with wedgies… I would imagine that Kim Kardashian does too! With a butt like that, you either have to wear a thong (a permanent wedgie) or you get the Vanishing Edge Panties at Soma Intimates. The only other undies that don’t give me a wedgie after 5 minutes, are full coverage, Bridgette Jones-style granny panties.

I bought the Vanishing Edge Modern Brief at Soma when I went down to NJ last month. Soma Intimates are great. They have luxurious bras, panties, sleepwear, & more! And they usually have an awesome sale rack too.

I’m going to buy like 10 pairs as soon as I have the money. Right now you can get 3 pairs for only $27. They usually cost $12 a pair, but if you buy 3 pairs, they are only $9 a pair.

If you are planning on ordering several pairs, you can get an even better deal. $20 off Your Merchandise Purchase of $60 or more at Enter Code 7053 at Checkout. Offer Valid 08.25.08 to 09.14.08. Valid Online Only. Not valid in stores.

So, if you purchase 7 pairs of the undies they’ll end up being about $6 per pair for a total of $43. Now that’s a deal! (Total is $51 with S&H)

I’m a huge Soma fan now. Soma has an amazingly loyal customer base that outperforms competitors like Victoria’s Secret. I think their quality is well above VS as well. Last week I bought 7 more pairs of the fantastic undies. I can’t wait till they arrive!

Seriously, I can’t say enough good things about these underwear. Just please go buy a pair and you’ll see how great they are! Start shopping >>>

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