Crochet Knit Boots Are A Fall Must-Have!

Yeah, it’s already time to start thinking about Fall… It’s only August, but I already saw a tree turning red in my hometown in Massachusetts. I visited my mom last week and that dang tree that’s always weeks ahead of the others was mostly red. Ugh!

So I know it’s time to start thinking about planning the Fall/Winter 2008 wardrobe. First thing on the list? Crochet Boots!

LIVS are THE hottest crochet boots around. Not only are they the hottest, they are THE original crochet boots. Apparently not many people know that, including Uggs.

You may recall, last year we told you how Uggs ripped off the crochet boot design and started selling them like hotcakes. This was bad news for LIVS.

Check out our Exclusive Interview With The Creator of LIVS, Diana FitzGerald.

Meanwhile, if you want a pair of LIVS for yourself, we managed to find them on the Tobi
website. They are available in Grey, Cream, Medium Brown, and classic Black. Or you can get the LIVS Alex Cardigan Boots which are really cute. The buttons are awesome. I have my eye on that pair…

Now, we realize that not everybody can drop $120 for a pair of boots. But no worries, you can get LIVS on for only $29.99! We don’t know if they are authentic, but they claim to be.

I also just found Livs Pink Classic Tall Boots for only $39.99icon on! I totally recommend getting them there because you only pay $2.95 for shipping no matter how much you buy!!!

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