This Mama Needs Her “Fat Pants”!


What? You thought I was back into my size 2 skinny jeans already? Hahahaha you’re funny.

I’ve been rocking some Old Navy yoga pants for the past two months as you can see here and here. I also run around with no makeup on and my hair in a towel too.

I’ve lost 35 pounds since giving birth, through no fault of my own. Don’t be jealous!!! I still have 20 pounds left to go and I might add that I didn’t lose any weight at all after I had my last two kids. I was wearing size 12 jeans until they were two years old and I stopped breastfeeding. Only then was I able to diet, exercise and lose weight. This time is different though and I’m so thankful to not feel like a beached whale. I just feel… um… larger than I’d like to be.

And that is why I am thankful for “fat pants”! Y’all know what I mean by fat pants, right? The go-to pants you put on when you get bloated right before your period. The pants you have to put on after the holiday binging. The pants you need to wear right after you have a baby. Yeah, those pants. Every woman has a pair. Don’t even try to deny it!!!!!!

My fat pants are a pair of jeans that are 4 sizes bigger than what I normally wear, have a higher waistline to cover the boat, belly blub and muffin tops. Best of all they have a bit of stretch so they are comfy and easy to move around in.

For the past few months I’ve mostly been wearing my NYDJ bermuda shorts and my Lee Slender Secret Jeans.


Those are Lee Women’s Slender Secret Arlo Bootcut Jeans. I love these jeans because they are super stretchy which is really important to me when I’m feeling slightly larger than usual. Also helpful when chasing toddlers, scrubbing floors and other fashionable housewife duties.

My other favorite Lee Jeans have the Comfort Fit waistband. I have like 3 pairs of their capris and a pair of shorts too. They are perfect for hiding that post-partum “mom tummy”. Every time I wear them, someone tells me “Wow you do NOT look like you just had a baby!” and honestly, I agree. They aren’t “mom jeans”. They don’t give me a “mom butt”. They just fit great, hide what I need hidden, move with me and are even a little sexy. I love my Lees.

kevelWhen I lose 10 pounds then I can use Kevel Perfect Fit to wear the rest of my jeans. Kevel Perfect Fit waistband extenders work simply by expanding the waistline of your favorite jeans or pants and securing your zipper. Super easy to use and makes jeans fit when they are feeling a little too snug.

What are your favorite “fat pants”?

I received Lee Jeans (years ago!) in exchange for an honest review. I’m posting about them again because I love them. All opinions are my own and I did not receive compensation for this post. 

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