Fashion Trends For The Short Sleeved Summer

Every object around the wrist, every bangle and every bracelet is so much more suitable during summer. Due to the obligation to wear at least two or more jackets during the winter, you just cannot show your taste in accessories around your forearm, even though you might have a thousand ideas on which bracelet or watch to wear in combination with a certain jacket or dress.

That is why you should benefit from these warm temperatures we are surrounded by nowadays. Apart from bracelets and wrist jewelery, bangles and little chains, the fashionable housewife also appreciates the conservative, but at the same time modern watch. Being a busy woman, she does not only need to keep the time in mind, but tends to have the urge to just adapt the watch to her usual clothes and further accessories’ styles.

valentino clutch

Which combination suits me most?

When choosing your outfit combination, your own taste represents the major aspect you should stick to. Whether you like dark or bright colors, you are more of the red or more of the blue jacket, t-shirt or dress type of woman: Colors and styles can suit your figure more or less, but the main feeling should be a comfortable one.

This applies the same way for the accessories. Suitable Omega Watches for example deliver a certain variety in bracelet and case material. The black and gold style (black bracelet and standard, golden case) fits the business blazer, while the silver/silver (metallic case + grey/metallic) type applies to a more casual (shirt and jacket; skinny jeans) style.

Even though short sleeved dresses turn one’s attention far more keenly during summer, women tend to wear their clothes short before the wrist, also in colder times, for example in heated insides after having laid down their winter proof coats to show off marvelous and glamorous ball gowns. In short, the watch used as an accessory gets far more attention during summer, but still displays a certain, fashion-related consciousness over the entire year.

What’s your favorite summer trend?


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