Fashionable FitFlops Have a Gym Built Right In!

Give your legs a workout while you walk in revolutionary FitFlop Women’s Walkstar Thongs.

How do fitflops work? It’s pure genius really. Check out this video to see a demo.

Every step you take helps tone and trim your legs while reducing strain on your feet, knees and back. Developed by biomechanists at the Center for Human Performance at London’s Southbank University, FitFlops have been scientifically proven in independent studies to boost overall leg and calf muscle activity as you walk. The secret is the varying density of EVA foam in the midsole that generates a micro-wobbleboard effect to significantly increase muscular tension. The result: your legs work harder than they do in standard sneakers or shoes and you burn more calories. Multi-density EVA midsole increases the amount of time muscles are engaged during each step you take by 12%, strengthening core muscles while improving posture. Molded EVA outsole keeps you moving on almost any surface. Leather and cotton / polyester thong upper feels soft and comfortable.

I first told you about these amazing shoes back on July 21st. I said:

FitFlops: the latest greatest fitness shoes around. I’ve been wearing them almost everyday for about 6 weeks and they are AMAZING. I’ve already lost 8 pounds and 1 pant size in this short amount of time and the only thing I’ve changed… is my shoes. They are so comfortable and you actually feel your muscles working.

When I went shopping in NJ for 6 hours, I was wearing these and my feet never got sore. Can’t say that about too many other pairs of shoes…

That’s just the tip of the iceberg though. My calves, legs and butt look great now! Even my husband commented on how much better I suddenly look. My calves are super toned and my butt, I swear is higher and tighter. I’m just so impressed with these shoes! I lost another 2 pounds this week for a total of 10 pounds in a little over 8 weeks. AND I even wore a bikini this past weekend for the first time since giving birth a year ago. Now that’s pretty cool!

FitFlop Women's Walkstar Thong Sandals

Available at Macy’s, Bath and Body Works, Victoria’s Secret and Bliss Spas and they range in price from $49.99–$69.99. You can purchase the FitFlop Women’s Walkstar Thong Sandals on for $49.99.

Or check them out at and get free shipping and a free tote when you spend $75.

Oh and fitflops made it on Oprah’s Summer Hot List so you know they’ve got to be good!

If you’re going to wear flipflops,
these are the ones to get!

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  • Maria

    I have 2 pairs of Fit Flops (1 black and 1 silver), and I LOVE them!!! They are as comfortable as tennis shoes, and they do help tone the legs.

  • Laney

    Your post just rekindled my need for a pair. I’ll be picking a black set up next week!

  • Leslie A

    Oh I am sooo going to go buy a pair now!

  • Chica

    I can’t believe these actually work! My sister just bought a pair and I guess I’m going to have to go get a pair now too.

  • melissa baby

    I have a pair and they work like magic. I mean you do have to walk, but you see results way faster than with regular sneakers or shoes. These give you the extra boost you need to keep up your daily walking regimen.

  • ShoeGal73

    I don’t think they are very fashionable, but they sound like they are worth a try. You might not be able to wear them with a dress, but they’ll look okay with everything else.

    I saw other styles on their site too that looked kinda cool like the ones with sequins! I liked those. I think I’m going to get them. What do you think?

  • Amethyst

    Ok, now I want a pair too ! Maybe they will also help my problematic feet.

  • Egon

    I love these shoes!

  • Lizzie

    I really want to try them… But my calves are already so muscular that I don’t get to wear cute boots, and I’m worried these would add to that instead of toning them down. :(

  • JustMyOpinion

    After reading this artical, I got really excited when I found out these were sold at Macys. I tried on a size 8 too big. Size7 ok this seem fine. I tried walking in them and I just felt like I was going to topple over. I couldn’t see or feel what the big deal was. It also felt weird between my toes. They seem to slide a bit. So just in case I tried on a 6. Nope my heel went off the back. Went back to a 7 and tried walking again. Just strange is all I can come up with. These obviously aren’t work out type of shoes. Maybe I thought in my head they were. But, obviously you can’t walk too fast in these or you’ll feel unbalance. At least for me that was the feeling. I just couldn’t see paying this kind of money for flipflops with winter around the corner. I might have gave them a shot early summer, but nah not worth it. I’ll stick to my work out walks. :)

  • The Fashionable Housewife

    @ #10 – The unbalance is part of what strengthens your legs. If these felt very unbalanced to you, then it shows how much you need to strengthen those muscles.

    The FitFlops didn’t seem like that to me because I had been walking in MBT sneakers for a while previously.

    I actually jog in mine while pushing a baby stroller. I have no problem with them falling off. The thong was a little uncomfortable at first, but it “broke in” within the first week and these shoes have been UBER comfortable ever since. Just make sure you don’t have lotion on your feet or your slip right out of them! lol

  • The Fashionable Housewife

    Oh btw, you can get a pair on eBay, new, for about $25

  • bek

    sorry, Fashionable Housewife, these were a HUGE disappointment for me! i have wide feet and a high instep and these shoes have absolutely no “give” in the straps which meant i couldn’t completely slip my foot into them to get a fair try at wearing them. talk about pi**ed!!!! after ordering and paying shipping and waiting for about 2 weeks only to have to immediately return.

    i do know a couple of ladies who do love these, but if you have a high instep, try before you buy!!!

  • The Fashionable Housewife

    Bek, so sorry your Fit Flops didn’t fit you right. Perhaps ordering a size larger or trying a different style would help? They make several styles now.

    Visit their web site for alist of places you can go and actually try them on.

  • Lizzy

    After about 3 weeks of wearing nothing but my fit flops I can finally begin to feel my calves working a bit more to get me where I’m going!