Wearing Vitamin A Brena Monokini from Orchid Boutique

I found the perfect swimsuit for my body…

Vitamin A Brena

The Vitamin A Brena Noir Monokini in Black ($165) meets all my requirements for a swimsuit. While I would normally go for a midriff-baring 2 piece, my post-partum belly just isn’t show-worthy. So for those days where I don’t want to bare it all, this swimsuit is perfect. The monokini style looks like a 2 piece from the back, but covers my mom-belly in the front.

I also like the low cut front with the adjustable tie and padded cups. It’s a little bit sexy while still looking grown-up and chic. I don’t think I will ever need another swimsuit! Well, at least until I wear this one out anyway. You really do get what you pay for.

I have probably around 20 swimsuits and all of them are almost perfect. Almost… There is something “wrong” with each of them and how they cover, fit or look on my body. Damn swimsuit shopping! I don’t dread putting this swimsuit on though… Not at all. I feel confident and sexy in this swimsuit. Isn’t that worth it’s weight in gold?

me and my kids

I’m sure you’ve noticed that this is the same swimsuit I used in the graphic for our Beach & Bikini Giveaway, right? Don’t forget to enter for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate to Orchid Boutique and MORE, now through July 6th!.

Yes, I did receive this swimsuit, compliments of Orchid Boutique, for the purpose of reviewing it. If I didn’t absolutely love it though, I certainly would not be posting a picture of myself wearing it! How often do I post pictures of myself wearing a swimsuit? NOT OFTEN! This one is a winner in my book though and I really want other moms, like you, to see that you CAN look great in a swimsuit after having kids and the right swimsuit is out there for you! I am so glad I found one that is perfect for me. :-)

You can get this swimsuit in black, gray or navy blue from theorchidboutique.com or browse their wide selection of Monokinis to find one that suits you!

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