My Living Room Makeover: The Perfect White Console Table

My Living Room Makeover
PART 5 – Target Threshold Horizontal Bookcase / Console Table

I’ve put together a lot of cardboard/MDF furniture in my day and have had a range of experiences. That said, I was expecting a the usual challenges that comes with putting these types of things together but was more than pleasantly surprised with this piece I got from Target.

target threshold console table

After days and days of searching online and in stores for a white console table the exact width of my TV AND less than 14″ deep, I finally found this Threshold Carson Horizontal Bookcase on and was so happy it fit into my budget too!

Once I got to the checkout and saw how much the shipping was going to be, I quickly signed up for a Target REDcard so I could get 5% off my order AND Free Shipping. I ended up buying a few other things for my living room as well which I will tell you about next week!

I ordered it on Monday and it got here by Friday. I quickly opened the box and laid all the pieces out on the living room floor and then got out the dreaded instructions. For once I didn’t feel like saying, “did anyone actually READ THIS before they ok’d it?!” I mean, not only were the directions clear, precise and easy to follow, but the package of hardware is clearly labeled according to the coordinating step in the instruction manual! GENIUS!

Target instructions

The shelves on each side are adjustable while the center shelves are fixed. Talk about someone that knew what they were doing… there are actually little foam circles on the top of the pegs for the adjustable shelves so that they don’t slip or scratch.

adjustable shelves

Admittedly, there would normally be lots of swearing, sweating and overall very unlady-like behavior on my part during such a project as this, but it took me less than 2 hours to put this one together, all by myself and that was just leisurely taking my time too. No swearing! (Yay me!) It looks fantastic and was exactly what I was looking for, so I’m quite pleased. And proud of myself.

console tablet

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Now I’m going to buy the coordinating Threshold Carson 5 shelf book cases to match so I can make a library on the other side of the room.

Let me know what you think!

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