How to Change Your Style from Pregnancy to New Mom

Making the Fashion Transition

How to Change Your Style from Pregnancy to New Mom


For plenty of moms-to-be the words trimester and fashion don’t really go together that well. It seems to be a battle that starts with the first trimester where you might be trying to keep your pregnancy under wraps. Then, finally you reach the second trimester. Then it’s the challenges of maternity wear and that dumpy dilemma phase, where you might have put on weight all round but not quite got to the cute bump stage yet.

Here is a look at how you can make the fashion transition successfully and adapt your style effortlessly to cope with the various stages of pregnancy through to becoming a new mom.



The first trimester is the time to take a look in your closet and put to one side anything that is likely to be too tight or clingy in your pregnant state. It is probably best to stick to silhouettes that flow over the belly, hips and thighs, and also have the advantage of camouflaging those few extra pounds for a little while longer.

Good choices are A-line skirts, soft knits and Empire-waisted tops and frocks, or wrap shirts and dresses. A blouson styled top, which has a fitted waistband at the bottom will help the fabric to fall loosely over your belly while allowing the fitted waistband to achieve a more tailored look. Finish the look off with a pair of boot-cut stretch jeans and accessorize with a unique piece of hand stamped jewelry, and you will look as well as feel good about your expanding body with a touch of style that gets your pregnancy style challenge off to a great start.


Maternity Fashion

A lot of women don’t feel truly happy with maternity wear, as many of the clothes feel like that there is a bit too much fabric for your mini-bump, while you have grown enough in other parts of your body to ensure that your pre-pregnancy clothes don’t fit like they used to.

This is probably a good time to add to your wardrobe a few extra items that will help to keep you looking good. Consider buying a stretchy band such as a belly band which can be used at the top of your jeans when the waistband will no longer button or zip up. Also think about getting some layering tanks which you can wear under tops that no longer button all the way.


Post-Baby Fashion

One of the main things to bear in mind is the fact that it can actually take up to ten weeks for your uterus to get back to its pre-pregnancy size. It pays to be realistic and a bit patient when considering what to wear.

You would obviously like to look as good as you can and feel good about how you look, despite the fact that those postpartum hormones running through your body are going to tip the scales up and down throughout the first few weeks after becoming a mom. Start by repurposing your maternity clothes rather than packing them away as soon as you get home from the hospital. You will be glad to wear any maternity bottoms that have an elastic waist that fits below the belly, and maybe pick up some stretchy yoga pants if your maternity clothes just don’t work for you anymore.

Don’t forget to stock up on a few nursing tops if you are going to breastfeed!


Sleep Bra

It is fairly certain that you breasts are going to feel pretty large and achy for a few weeks after your baby is born. You will need to keep the pre-pregnancy bras on the shelf for at least a few weeks. Instead, treat yourself to a good quality sleep bra or two, so that you always have one to wear while the other is in the wash.

Consider getting yourself a nursing bra that you feel comfortable in and doesn’t make you feel frumpy. The general consensus amongst a lot of moms is that nursing bras can be a bit boring and not altogether flattering. If you take the time to search out a brand that really fits and looks great, then you can enjoy wearing a bra that fits the purpose and that also manages to look like the type you would have worn before you had the baby.Check out our tips for how to choose the best nursing bra.

Your body goes through a number of stages during and after pregnancy, and it if you make the fashion transition to keep up with these changes, you will definitely feel good about yourself and look great too.



GUEST BLOGGER: Beth Philbin is a busy mother of three. With a knack for modern style and a keen understanding of motherhood, she enjoys writing about fashion for today’s moms.




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