The Importance of ‘Me Time’ for Moms

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As a mom, I find myself being an overachiever. I try to wear all the hats, put lots of things on my plate, get everything done, plan too many projects at once and be superwoman. One of the things I’ve always struggled with is making sure I schedule ‘me time’. I feel guilty taking time for myself and being away from my kids, but one thing you learn (or you HOPEFULLY learn) is that ‘me time’, even if it’s only once a month, is essential to you being the best mom you can be.

One of the things I do for “me time” is schedule myself a leg and bikini wax when I can afford it. I find the time relaxing and peaceful and I’m rewarded with beautiful smooth legs that my husband certainly appreciates too. It’s a win win! Another thing I do to take care of myself is schedule a hair cut at my favorite salon.

Now that my youngest child is almost 3 years old, it’s a little easier finding a moment alone during the day. I’ve started getting up at 6:00am now so I can have a cup of coffee in peace and enjoy the morning sun on my front porch before the kids wake up. It’s been a great way to start the day which helps me keep a better attitude for the rest of the day. If I’m really ambitious and the kids sleep in, I can get some Yoga in or at least 10 minutes on my stair stepper. It’s hard to convince myself to take care of myself in this way since I feel guilty that I’m not forcing myself to sit at the computer and catch up on work emails, but I’ve learned that I really need to take time out for me in order to be the best mom I can be. It’s one of those hard things that every mom needs to learn!

Whether it’s spending time with your girlfriends, shopping or working out, how do you find me-time as a mom? Describe what your favorite things to do are and share your best tips with us!

And if you want to feel like the best mom in the world, just watch Lifetime’s new series, Pretty Wicked Moms, set to Premiere June 4. This series follows 6 competitive Atlanta Moms that break all the molds of traditional motherhood. And that’s putting it nicely…

Watch the trailer to see what I mean.

I think you would agree that this show is definitely not to model ideal examples of good moms, although you could probably tell that from the name of the show.

After watching the trailer for the show,
please share in the comments what you think!!!!

Being a mom myself, I know it’s hard not to judge other moms. We all like to think we’re doing what’s “best” and we all have our own ideas of ideal parenting. I have to keep in mind that at the end of the day, we all do what we have to do and our family is still number one. (Or at least it should be!)

Still, I have to say that I can NOT relate to the moms in this show! Oh. My. Goodness. Wait till you see it… I can say that the 6 moms in this show are all definitely fashionable and beautiful, but ideal moms? Not so much! At least not in my opinion. Most of them act like teenage mean girls who have NO idea what being a mom really means.

It’s hard to decide which side of the fence to fall on… Torn between, “Wow, I’m totally boycotting this show because I don’t want Lifetime promoting such disgraceful parenting and lifestyles.” OR “Wow, these are moms are so bad that I feel a lot better about myself and my own shortcomings of as mother so I will keep watching it.”


What do you think? Sound off in the comments!

About the Show:

Ah, the cut-throat, crazy world of competitive mothering…and for six feisty Atlanta mothers in Lifetime’s all-new unscripted comedy Pretty Wicked Moms, it’s a raging, raucous mommy war. Jockeying to be the ultimate mom, this perfectly coiffed and manicured clique will stop at nothing to one-up each other. Whether it’s extravagant birthday parties, devising a strict vegan diet for their one-year-old or masterminding their baby’s social climb (or should we say crawl?) to the top, there’s no end to their plotting and scheming. Knowing the competition among them is fierce, these swanky mothers take motherhood and mischief to an entirely new and outrageous level. As one Pretty Wicked Mom claims, “They all want to be the prettiest, the thinnest, the richest; and their kids to be the smartest.”

The Pretty Wicked Moms, with their adorably fashionable children, high-end lifestyle and hilarious views on motherhood, will grace the small screen on Lifetime, starting Tuesday, June 4, at 10:00 pm ET/PT, immediately following Dance Moms.

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