The Fashionable Housewife does Cinco De Mayo

I’m not much for partying, but I like an occasional excuse to make a good drink. Cinco De Mayo works for me!

my tequila

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My drink of choice for Cinco De Mayo? Definitely tequila! I decided to try out my new bottle of Alacran White Tequila and make a frozen drink!

Alacran Tequila Margarita

Alacran Tequila Frozen Strawberry Margarita

I baked a nice tray of delicious nachos for all of us and we washed them down with a few frozen strawberry margaritas that I made with the Alacran Tequila. They were absolutely delicious! So yummy in fact, that I forgot to eat the nachos! I was too busy enjoying my strawberry margarita in the cool glass my mom got me for my birthday.

I’m already pretty partial to tequila. It’s my alcohol of choice most of the time, whether it’s in a mixed drink or just a shot. However, my husband hates tequila. (Bad college experience… need I say more?) Well, once I downed a shot of this Alacran white tequila and tasted how smooth and non-bitter it was, I insisted that my husband try it. He was brave and poured a shot. Much to his surprise (and mine) he actually LIKED it! Now that’s saying something for this tequila.

Alacran Tequila shots

Definitely, hands down, one of the best tequila’s I’ve had the pleasure of drinking. Clean, smooth, slightly sweet even… and no hangover in the morning. This is Sunday night, done right.

I have definitely found a new favorite. It was love at first taste… If you like tequila (and even if you don’t!) I definitely recommend you try this if you see it in a bar or your local retailer. Please drink responsibly though!

I was provided a complimentary sample of this product for review.
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My opinion is that Alacran Tequila is awesome.

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