My Living Room Makeover: Taking Down The Wall

My Living Room Makeover
PART 1 – Taking Down The Wall

You may have noticed I haven’t been answering emails, keeping up with Twitter or posting as often on the blog or Facebook. I’ve been extremely busy, totally out-straight working on our Living Room Renovation.

We’ve been wanting to do something with our living room since we bought this house 3 years ago, but never had the time (nor the money). We finally just got sick of waiting and decided to do it anyway, sans time and money.

Here is the offending wall that was separating the hallway from the living room. There was really no point in having a hallway since it was only 2 feet wide and served no real purpose. Once we confirmed the wall was not a supporting wall, we dived right in and started demolition on April 20th, 2013.

the offending wall

My husband and his brother took great care to take the sheetrock down neatly and cleanly so we could save as much of the materials as possible for future use and to not make a huge mess and get drywall dust everywhere.

sheetrock / drywall

Taking the wall down went surprisingly quick. Totally made us think this whole project would be a piece of cake…

bye bye wall

The instant improvement it made to the room gave us the energy to keep going. We knew it would be worth it!

boards gone!

We managed to save all the frame work so we would have wood for other projects. The awkward hole in the floor looks super awesome.

wall GONE!

The electrical is going to be a nightmare but the whole room looks SO much bigger now with that wall gone! Definitely brighter, more spacious feeling and it will be easier to arrange furniture too.

Douglas Ballard III

Thank goodness for my brother in law. He was a huge help.


Stay tuned for Part 2 of my living room makeover and see how I styled my accent wall! It took me 14 hours, but it was totally worth it… Wait till you see it!

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