Cookie Week Comes to The Fashionable Plate

imagesWhat could possibly be more fundamental to any housewife worth her fashionable apron than a good chocolate chip cookie?  While I am probably quite a few years away from any kind of housewife status, every time I make cookies  I like to imagine myself serving warm chocolate chip cookies to beaming children and friends as I smile coyly and say, “oh no, they were no trouble at all. So easy.” That, in my mind, is a true picture of domestic bliss.

I have a small obsession chocolate chip cookies, but honestly, I doubt that I am alone. There’s something about the combination of butter, sugar, and chocolate that just turns magical when mixed up and baked into an amazing cookie creation. It’s true, I’ve met a few versions that put a bad name on chocolate chip cookies, but I still believe that they are the pinnacle of dessert confections. And yet, everywhere I turn there are different recipes promising “the best chocolate chip cookie.” Apparently there are endless ways to make amazing cookies even more amazing.

Monday marks the beginning of a 5-day-long quest to develop the best chocolate chip cookies. All week long we’ll be testing recipes and posting about them on The Fashionable Plate. And because everyone has a different ideal for cookies, I’ll be trying recipes to fit every crunchy, chewy, soft, and unique cookie lover’s dream. I will be baking a new recipe every day and posting the results here, so get ready to pull out your mixer and try some new takes on an old classic!

And if anyone has a nagging issue with their cookies that they want help with, or a great idea for their favorite version of chocolate chip cookies, leave us a comment and let us know!

The lineup is…

Monday: chewy cookies
Tuesday: crunchy cookies
Wednesday: soft cookies
Thursday: lace-chocolate cookies
Friday: cool cookie flavor variations

This post, and the Cookie Week posts, are written by Nell Birch, a high school senior in Boston, who is spending her final month of school in an independent learning project related to  cooking and the fine art of food blogging!  Many thanks to Nell and The Winsor School for her contributions to this blog and especially to our kitchen!



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