5 Neon Nail Polishes for Spring & Summer

I love neon nail polish – something about it just screams spring and especially summer to me. Even if you’re not quite daring enough to rock a neon on your finger nails, these 5 pretty polishes look just as fab on toes.

1. Zoya “Ali”

This is the quintessential neon pink polish you need this season. Not only does Zoya’s Ali pack a gorgeous pink punch, but the fluorescent brightness is totally eye catching. Don’t be surprised if this becomes your go-to neon this year!

($8, Zoya.com)

2. China Glaze “Celtic Sun”

Talk about an eye-popping shade of yellow! China Glaze’s Celtic Sun is a gorgeous bright neon yellow with a hint of green undertones – it will look exceptionally good with a tan.

($5.99, Sally Beauty Supply)

3. Color Club “Wham! Pow!”

This is one of my favorite polishes in my collection – I LOVE the crazy neon orange shade! Plus, orange-inspired hues are very hot this year. Whether you wear this shade on tips or toes, you’ll turn heads everywhere you go.

($6, The Beauty Clutch)

4. Priti Nail Polish “Fishbone Cactus”

Odd names aside, this vegan nail polish is the perfect opaque shade of neon green. It will look just as lovely on fingers as it does on toes, and will be a welcome addition to your nail polish collection.

($10.50, Good Earth Beauty)

5. Milani Neon Nail Lacquer “Dude Blue”

I find it difficult to find a true blue neon, but Milani made a specialty line of lacquers dedicated to – you guessed it – neons! “Dude Blue” is a gorgeous blue neon creme that looks as gorgeous as it sounds. Plus, it’s super budget-friendly!

($4.49, drugstore.com)

What are your favorite neon nail polishes?

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