Home Decor: Spice Things Up In The Bedroom

I recently took my bedroom from winter into spring with a room makeover for under $200. What was once dark and dull is now filled with springtime and sunshine! I really spiced things up with a nice blend of yellow and gray – a hot color combination for home decor right now. The birds are pretty cool too…

Truth be told, I’m not totally satisfied with my room yet. It still needs something. I’m thinking of something a little more exciting… something a bit more zesty perhaps.

While I like the three bird pictures on the wall behind the bed, I’d really like something more exciting. I was thinking I would make my own headboard. I’ve seen them do it on TV before and I’m pretty sure I can do it… But I headed to my local fabric store and found that the material I wanted was $15.99 A YARD! At that price it would be over $50 just for the material and then I would still need to buy plywood, batting, etc to make the rest of it. Now we’re looking at $100! For that price, I could buy a pre-made headboard at a discount store.

I’m sure I will figure something out though. I really think a headboard would really complete my new look.

Meanwhile… I was able to score a $0.99 discounted swatch of yellow material that was just the right size for me to reupholster a tiny stool in my room! In the next store, I found a houndstooth throw on sale for $7 (down from $55!) which I threw over my burgundy rocking chair to make it blend into my new decor and match my curtains a bit better.

target threshold curtains - yellow gray theme

Is it perfect? No. Is it my dream decor yet? No. But it totally made a huge improvement in that corner of my bedroom for under $10! Can’t beat that.

I totally know how to spice things up, don’t I?! 😉

Now, I just wish I could get Zesty Guy to help me with my “bedroom makeover”… Have you seen those commercials? O.M.G. Ooh la la…

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