Get a Sneak Peek of Sneakpeeq

So I don’t know about you ladies but I do know that I love a good deal and I love having fun… enter the new facebook application Sneakpeeq. I had the pleasure of chatting with some of the girls over at Sneakpeeq and they were not only lovely but they introduced me to their new shopping game that I can honestly tell you that I am already addicted to!

sneakpeeq brings fashion to Facebook by showcasing cutting edge brands and selling them with a tech savvy twist. Shop great products (brands like Kate Spade, Halston Heritage and True Religion) with friends in real time on facebook! That means you can actually SEE your friends picking up items off the rack and vie for the most fabulous items at the best prices.

• Each day you have 10 peeqs (you can gain more peeqs as you use the game and move up in status!) and those peeqs expire each night. As you move up in status, you will receive more peeqs (i.e., more than 10 peeqs) every 24 hours plus perks like free shipping and exclusive peeqs at special items.
• When you see an item you love simply peeq and a special price is revealed to you. Each time someone peeqs the price goes lower!
• The more people peeq, the better the price! Players play for the item until someone decides to purchase- it’s like a reverse auction!
• If you like the price, buy it quick before someone else snags it! You only have 15seconds after the price is revealed to make your decision and click ”Buy”. Remember, It’s not your item until you secure it at checkout!

How cool is that?! I totally urge you to at least check it out because it’s fun and it’s like reverse bidding… it’s really to see the price come down with every click! And with every friend you invite? You get more peeks… it’s like online shopping with your friends!

For a limited time only, use this promo code for 25% off your purchase! Promo code: PEEQ25

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