Make-Up Must-Haves: GloMinerals Face Primer

When I read Amanda’s post about her Urban Decay primer, I just had to share my personal make-up secret. Sure, I always leave the house with my basics (blush, mascara and concealer), but the one thing that is a staple in my makeup bag is primer.

I’ve tried a couple of different brands, and I’ve always had issues. I loved NARS, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the slippery feel. Smashbox dried too quickly (even on moisturized skin) and MAC’s Prep + Prime just didn’t live up to the hype, especially at $30. And, while I’ll admit that I haven’t tried the Urban Decay primer, I’m not sure I will. I’m in love already.

gloMinerals gloFace Primer has got me hooked.

Said to extend the wearability of your foundation and ensure a flawless-looking complexion, this primer has a few stand-out traits:

1. It’s all-natural. All of gloMinerals’ products are pharmaceutical-grade and chock-full of vitamins and antioxidants, so they not only help your makeup look good… they improve the quality of your skin, too!

2. It’s totally sheer/clear. A lot of primers I’ve used are either white-ish or blended with a concealer. It’s a pain for me, because I prefer to have my primer work, not show itself to the world. This baby is totally clear… no coloring to be found.

3. It actually does what it says! I’ve used primers that made no difference – or just moisturized my skin – but this one really does minimize the creasing around my eyes and keeps my makeup in place. Since I’m a big face toucher (I know it’s bad, I can’t help it!), anything that makes my makeup stay is a miracle.

If you have issues with breakouts, or just have sensitive skin, this primer will be the best option you can find! It hasn’t cleared my skin up (it’s not a miracle worker, after all!), but I haven’t had any new breakouts – a problem I’ve had with other primers – so that’s huge!

Do you use a face primer before you put on makeup? Which is your favorite brand, and why?

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