What Not To Wear

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This is like the ultimate shlumpadinka outfit! No one in their right mind should be caught out in public in a sweat suit, never mind paired up with flip flops! You know how I feel about flip flops…

Yes, there are times when ugly gray sweat suits are appropriate. Those times include:

1. When you’re sick in bed
2. When you’re cleaning your house
3. or if you’re a teenage boy doing some kind of sports

Otherwise, please do us all a favor and don’t wear baggy sweat suits! I’m not bashing all sweat suits. Some suits are cute. But they aren’t gray and they aren’t made by Fruit of The Loom.

Be brave! Tell us, do you wear sweat suits out in public?

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  • Amethyst

    If I do, it is not a matched set like Pamela’s. It might be this pair of “Lucky Brand” black sweats I have that has embroidery on one leg and I’ll wear that with a tee shirt. If I AM wearing sweats, its because I’m on my way to work out or to do my weekly grocery shopping bright & early in the morning OR off to get a relaxing pedicure where I want to be wearing loose & comfy clothes while I relax. But never to a movie, dinner, BBQ, sporting event or similar.

  • Melissa

    No way, never. They look like pajamas.

  • http://fashionablewife.blogspot.com/ elin

    definitely not .