Crocs: Ugly No More!

I know! Blasphemy, right? Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet baby!

Did you know that Crocs make shoes that aren’t hideous? I just found out recently and boy what a surprise! They aren’t ugly!

These cute little suede ballet flats are from their Fall/Winter 2007 line. They have a 1 inch heel to give you a little lift without being uncomfortable, so they are a great choice for moms on the go.

They come in Lapis, Poppy, Kiwi, and Amber as well. All those really pretty colors have shiny metallic trim, but the black ones have black trim, as you can see.

The scrunched leather strap keep the shoes on comfortably while adding to the ballet look. They are super comfy, without actually looking like “comfy shoes”. Usually our comfortable shoes are not ones we are proud to wear in public, but you can walk tall in these cute shoes. Comfort and style finally unite.

So I take it back… Not ALL Crocs are ugly. Just the stupid plastic garden clogs

Take a peek at YOU by Crocs and browse their Fall/Winter line as well as their awesomely hot styles for Spring and Summer 2008.

The style above is called “Nightcap” and they will set you back $139. Not cheap, I know! I usually don’t recommend such expensive shoes. But if you are looking for comfortable, high quality, stylish shoes that will last you more than a couple months, then YOU by Crocs would be the best option for you.

Price: $139


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