Must-Have For Spring: Blackout Room Darkening Curtains

Did that whole Spring ahead thing mess with your head? Did you find that going forward an hour and getting all that extra daylight kinda screw your sleeping schedule up a bit? I know in our house, it definitely affected naptime for my kids!

My daughter (6) has blackout shade in her room since her bright pink chiffon curtains certainly don’t block out any light. However, my son (3) hasn’t had any curtains or shades on his bedroom window since we moved in. He was sleeping and napping in our bed (yes, we co-sleep!) so it hasn’t been an issue. But recently we got him a “big boy” bed in his room so he could have his own space. Of course, we needed curtains!

We headed over to Marburn Curtains and browsed through their Blackout Room Darkening Curtains. After much deliberation, we decided to get 2 Austin Blackout Microfiber Panels in Khaki.

They arrived quickly (thank goodness!) and we got a 26-48″ 5/8″ Acrylic Crown Curtain Rod Set from Amazon (We got FREE 2-day shipping with our Amazon Prime Membership.)

I was so anxious to get the curtains UP that I didn’t bother ironing, steaming or even washing the curtains. They went right from the package up in the window just in time for naptime!

So without further adieu, please excuse the wrinkles and say hello to Blackout Room Darkening Curtains!

blackout curtains

Curtains open during afternoon with full sunlight!


Want to see how effective they are at blocking out the light?

room darkening curtains

Curtains closed during afternoon with full sunlight with light on.


And now let’s turn the light off and see how well they block out the light…

blackout panels from Marburn

Curtains closed during afternoon with full sunlight, lights off!


You can see a little bit of light peaking out over the top of the curtains, the corner and the bottom of course. Otherwise, extremely effective and blocks out at least 95% of the light making it easy to take a nap, even in the middle of the afternoon!

Overall, I’m really happy with these curtains and I would definitely purchase more of these particular based on their effectiveness. I would also order from Marburn Curtains again because the quality is exceptional and they shipped them fast.

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