Outfit Ideas: Wearing Socks with Mary Jane Shoes

Today, I spent the whole day shopping at Target, checking out their Threshold Collection. I’m doing a Spring Makeover on my bedroom and will show you the before and after pics this coming Tuesday! I think you’re going to love it…

I’m not so good with the interior decorating so I downloaded a Windows 8 app called House & Home to help me figure out what I wanted to do in my bedroom. Then I went on Target.com to check out the Threshold Collection and find the items I wanted for my bedroom makeover. Once I picked out everything I wanted, I headed to my local Target and bought it all!

Since I knew this is what my day would entail, I dressed comfy.


(Surfing the House & Home app on my Acer Iconia W510)

I think this is one of those outfits where you either love it, or you hate it… I am loving the green and I got compliments on my outfit all day while I was out, but I’ll tell ya, in a picture it’s really obvious that my “greens” don’t match! I think it looks better in person…

What’s going to be the controversial item here is wearing socks with mary janes. I got a lot of “LIKES” on Instagram, including one from GAP!

jafa mary janes with gap socks

How do you feel about the wearing socks with mary jane shoes? Love it or hate it, ladies?

Today’s Outfit

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