5 Reasons To Get a Windows 8 Tablet

I’ve been using the Acer Iconia W510 Intel Tablet as part of the Intel #tabletcrew for almost 3 months now. This tablet has become a part of my daily life and I can’t even imagine how I ever got by without it.

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I started by Getting Acquainted with my Intel Windows 8 Tablet and was absolutely over-the-moon when I discovered that Windows 8 still has a DESKTOP! *choir of angels sing*

Within a couple weeks I realized that there were many Productive Windows 8 Apps On My Intel Tablet and I am downloading more apps all the time. (Continue reading for a list of my favs!)

I’m not just having fun on my tablet though, I am getting work done on it too and being quite productive! I downloaded and browsed a Windows 8 App called “House & Home” to find an inspiration room for my Spring Bedroom Makeover!

Overall, I’m loving my tablet! Here are 5 reasons why I think YOU should get a Windows 8 Tablet and how it could improve your life.

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1. Convenient

It’s the perfect size to just throw it in my purse (it even fits in my clutch!) and go out the door. So if I need to run out the door with the kids for whatever reason and I also need to meet a deadline, I know I have a reliable device I can depend on to get my work done. I can get caught up on emails while I’m in a waiting room, read a book while I’m in the car (with someone else driving obviously!) or keep my almost 6 year old entertained with some of the cool apps for kids on Windows 8. (Almost all of the apps we downloaded for the kids were free!)

2. Powerful

Don’t let it’s size fool you, this thing is powerful. It’s packed with an Intel Atom Dual Core Z2760 Processor 1.5 GHz (1 MB Cache), 64 GB Internal Memory, 2 GB RAM Memory. You can even run big programs on this thing like Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Access. If I could just find the right Access Training Course I’d be all set!

3. Battery Life

It also has an amazing battery life of 9 hours of continuous use and up to 3 weeks of standby time! Need more? You can get up to 18 hours of battery life with the detachable Keyboard Dock.

4. Great Camera

I had a Droid phone for 4 years and all I ever did was complain about how horrible the camera was. I mean, that is, if it actually loaded, didn’t crash the phone and took a picture… Thank goodness for the amazing camera in this tablet! The 8MP rear-facing camera and front-facing camera take amazingly clear, lifelike images and then I can edit and crop the images right on the tablet before uploading to Facebook, Pinterest or whatever. I also figured out that you can do high-quality face-to-face chats with Windows 8 Apps like Skype.

5. Windows 8 Apps

I never saw it coming, but I find myself hooked on Windows 8. *insert shocked-looking face here* I know it, I was like everyone else thinking that Windows 8 was going to be a flop but boy was I wrong. It’s not only expertly designed, but it’s fast, intuitive and useful. The app I use the most is probably Mercury so I can stay in touch with gtalk and yahoo friends. I use Allrecipes weekly to find recipes I can make with the ingredients I already have laying around. My favorite shopping app is most definitely Amazon. I use it constantly! Last but not least, my daughter’s favorite app is Flow Free – a neat little game that is great for young and old alike.

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Things I’ve Done With My Tablet

I started off by Getting Acquainted with Intel Windows 8 Tablet and figuring out that Windows 8 wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I quickly became hooked, something that I did NOT anticipate!

After only a few weeks with the tablet, I gushed about all the Productive Windows 8 Apps On My Intel Tablet and how handy this little tablet is to me.

I wrote about My Journey to Becoming A Birth Doula and how my tablet is helping me reach that goal easier than ever thanks to the Kindle App.

I downloaded the House & Home Windows 8 App while wearing socks with mary jane shoes so I could prep for my Spring Bedroom Makeover.

I customized my tablet with a Audrey Hepburn sticker and a fashionable tablet cover as well as showcasing 5 of my favorite, most fashionable tablet cases. (See more cases on our Technology Board on Pinterest)

Desperate for spring, I asked When Will Winter Finally End? and boasted about the Kindle app for Windows 8 along with a sneak peak at the books I’ve been reading for my Birth Doula training.

And most recently, I took all the before and after pictures for my Dress Up The Season – Spring Bedroom Makeover post with my tablet. I edited them and added copyright info, etc with Irfanview.

So as you can see, this little tablet has definitely improved my life and made it easier to do a lot of things. I really am surprised by how much use I get out of it and how dependent I’ve become on some of the Windows 8 Apps.

If you have the Windows 8 operating system on any of your computers, let me know what your favorite apps are!

Disclosure: The Acer Iconia W5 was gifted to me by Intel as part of their Tablet Crew program.
All opinions expressed above are my own and I did not receive compensation for writing this post.
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