Bellapierre Cosmetics Nail Color – Engine Gray

Looking for the perfect neutral gray nail polish? This one is gorgeous but I got some interesting results…


This nail color from Bellapierre Cosmetics is the perfect grey nail polish. It’s called “Engine Gray” and it’s a shimmery, metallic gray color that is just dark enough to be classy but not so dark that it’s creepy. I like it better on my nails then in the bottle…

Bellapierre Cosmetics Nail Polish

It was a little streaky after two coats, but I think that was from the brush, not the polish itself. The brush had a stray, straggly bristle on it that I had to cut off, so that may have affected the brush performance.

Even though it was a little streaky, I loved the color A LOT! It looked great, it seemed like it was going to hold up well. Unfortunately, it did NOT!!!!!!!!!!

Within 24 hours, my nails looked like this…


Honestly, I’ve had dollar store nail polish stay on longer than this. The color was absolutely beautiful – the perfect shade of gray in my opinion. However, the fact that it chipped in less than 12 hours after I put it on is a deal breaker for me.

Did I use a basecoat? YES! I used my favorite standby Orly Bonder.

Did I use a top coat? YES! After I polished my nails with the two coats, about 6 hours later, I noticed a couple chips, so I touched them up and then put a coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat on top in hopes it would make the manicure stay longer. Clearly, it didn’t help…

Is it possible I did something wrong like improperly clean my nails before application? NO! And to make sure of this, I removed the nail polish and started over from scratch. The results after 24 hours were the same.

Overall, I must say I am disappointed with the results. I wouldn’t normally even bother posting about a product that produced such unsatisfactory results, but this was just over the top discouraging for me! I’m a busy mom with two kids, 3 dogs, a huge house to keep clean AND my own business. I don’t have time to polish my nails every single day! If I’m going to bother to sit down and polish my nails, I want them to stay looking halfway decent for at least a week! You know what I mean?

Bellepierre Nail Polish is toluene DBP, and formaldehyde free, like most good brands of nail polish are now. I don’t think the “natural” formulation of their polish is necessarily the reason why they didn’t work well for me.

I found that it says on their website…

“Diamond Top & Base Coat is one of Bellapierre’s hero products. For optimum results, apply a base layer to clean nails and allow to dry. Follow with two coats of your favorite Bellapierre Nail Polish. Once dry, apply a layer of Diamond Top & Base Coat for a super-shiny salon finish.”

So perhaps that is the secret and for some reason their nail polishes do not work with the top and base coats that I chose. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on that one…

Overall, I could not justify paying $15 for a bottle of this nail polish. The color is awesome, but the durability factor just wasn’t there for me. I’m going to go back to using COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss that stays on for 7+ days.

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