Jaime’s Shopping Challenge: Having a Shop-Free February

I’m prepared for a couple of you to go into shock (don’t worry… the boy did too!), but I’m making a big commitment to myself for the month of February.

I will not be purchasing any unnecessary items. NONE. For the whole month.

Don’t worry, I’ll still be spending money at the grocery store, but I’m interested in really trying something new. This means that you need to shop twice as much for me!

Yeah, I know that it’s the shortest month of the year, but everyone has to start somewhere. I’m looking to change a couple of things so I can make 2010 even better. The boy and I are hoping to save up enough to buy a house and I really want to get out of credit card debt. Plus, I’ll probably slip up and get something (though I’m trying hard not to!)… but I’ll make sure it’s something amazing. And I’ll tell you all about it. :)

Here are a couple of ways I plan on keeping my style fresh throughout the month WITHOUT buying more clothes:

1. Shopping my closet: I have a lot of clothes. I mean A LOT. And it’s time that I start wearing them, so I’ll be putting together outfits with items I already have or – even better – outfits I’ve forgotten I have each day.

2. Prepare outfit options beforehand: I’m the kind of person who chooses an outfit right as I leave the house. By setting up some outfit options, I can utilize all of the pieces I haven’t been taking advantage of!

Why am I sharing this with you guys? Because I hope that, even if you’re not participating, you’ll hold me accountable. I’ll update you once a week for the next month and let you know how I’m doing… and if you want to learn more about my Shop-Free month, email me at Jaime@TheFashionableHousewife.com!

To see more of Jaime’s work, check out DenimDebutante.com.

  • April C

    Yayy, I’m so proud of you! I’m rootin’ for ya! Make sure you don’t try to make up for it in March ;)

  • Kristin H.

    is that Really your closet?? thats amazing! come organize mine!!

  • http://thefashionablehousewife.com The Fashionable Housewife

    Yeah I personally can’t not shop for the month of February… I can promise not to buy any non-maternity clothes that I won’t be able to wear until Fall 2010! Does that count?

    I kinda need a whole new wardrobe now that I’m pregnant, so not shopping is not an option for me.

    More power to you though!!!!!! I made a new year’s resolution to not buy any more shoes unless I absolutely needed them and I’ve only bought 2 pairs, so I’m pretty proud of myself! After realizing I was buying a new pairs of shoes every week for the last few months, I knew I needed to stop….


  • http://thefashionablehousewife.com The Fashionable Housewife

    And yeah and BTW… I totally want that closet!! I have a lot of shelves and poles like that, but it’s certainly not that neat! lol

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  • http://www.armillatadesigns.etsy.com Sarah

    Best of luck to you! I need to find some of your resolve. It seems like every time I commit to not buying non-essentials I fold within a new days. After my last move I swore that I was not going to load up with useless odds and ends, or wear-it-once clothes, but it’s hard to keep reminding myself. I’ll be interested in seeing how your February goes. With Valentine’s, it’s not an easy month to budget.

  • cleverlycharmed

    That cannot possibly be Jaime’s closet. No denim lying around in sight :D

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  • Marj M.

    This would be so hard for me if totes and bags are counted as things to not buy.
    We know you will give it all ya got…but a fashionable baby DOES start young you know. lol

  • http://allwomenstalk.com All Women Stalker

    That sounds like a really good plan. I don’t plan my outfits, either. I just grab whatever’s on the top shelf, especially if I’m in a hurry. Good luck and we’ll be keeping watch. ;)

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