Spring 2009 Fashion Trends, Styles, And Must-Have Items

It’s still cold outside, but it’s time to start thinking about your Spring wardrobe.

There are a lot of fun and colorful trends we’ll be seeing this spring, but not everyone can wear them. Take for example the Exposed midriff trends or the Ripped Jeans trend. I don’t think a lot of you ladies are going to love either of those trends. So we’ve carefully selected a choice list of all the best trends for Spring 2009 that will not only flatter your figure, but you’ll be able to easily incorporate these pieces and trends into your daily ensemble without looking like you’re trying too hard.

Here’s a few of our favorite Spring trends:

Mimosa Yellow
Pantone has selected Mimosa Yellow (14-0848) as color of the year for 2009. Mimosa Yellow is a warm, engaging yellow that looks good with most skin colors. We’ll be seeing yellow as a main color as well as a key color for accessories like handbags and shoes. Make sure to incorporate 2 or 3 great yellow pieces into your spring wardrobe like a sleeveless dressicon, a leather handbag and a pair yellow heelsicon.

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Relaxed Fit Pants
Spring’s must-have silhouette is definitely relaxed-fit pants. They are similar to the popular boyfriend jeans that Sarah Jessica Parker and Katie Holmes have made popular. This new cut is loose at the hips, then tapers delicately above the ankle. This new style is not be confused with mom jeans! Look for low rise pants that fit well around the waist and in the butt. The pants should ease into a loose fit through the hip and thigh before tapering down to the ankle.

Fringe Roaring 20′s Style
Don’t even bother going to a posh party unless your dress just drips with fringe. This hot fringe styleicon was plucked from the 20′s and revamped into a modern flapper look. Don’t under estimate the need for long, lean legs to really rock this trend. When shopping for a Fringe Dress, be sure to shake it before purchasing it to be sure the fringe doesn’t clump or stick together unattractively.

Oversized Jewelry
If you don’t get anything else this Spring, do yourself a favor and invest in a big, bold necklace. These statement pieces update any outfit for a streamline affect. Whether you choose giant hoops adorned with jewels or a long multi strand necklaceicon doubled up with a chunky beaded necklaceicon, this Spring size really does matter. The bigger the better!

Wide Leg Pants
Say goodbye to skinny jeans and hello to this relaxed, comfy style. This wins first place for the most wearable style off the runway for Spring 2009! If you aren’t a stick figure and have been loathing the skinny jean trend, then it’s time to rejoice! Finally, there are pants for the rest of us. Find yourself a nice pair of wide leg jeansicon and pants in a neutral color. Look for stretch materials that won’t wrinkle easily. Victoria’s Secret has the best selection.

Brilliant brights and hushed hues set the tone for spring.
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Stay tuned for outfit ideas using these Spring trends as well as a list of more trends and styles you’ll love to wear and are easy on your wallet.

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  • Kelly

    I know that the relaxed fit/boyfriend jeans and pants are in this year, but I just cannot pull them off. I’m short and of average weight (or will be once I have this baby), and think these pants would make me look dumpy. Plus, I HATE when the crotch on my pants get too low. I would so prefer to stay in my bootcuts or even skinnies until this trend passes. Anyone else feel that way?

  • Nicky

    I am with ‘ya, Kelly! I am also on the shorter side with a curvy booty and just CANNOT wear something like the “relaxed fit” pants in the picture above. I think that trend will have to be left to my taller, slimmer fashionable housewife friends!

  • Andrea

    I don’t think the boyfriend pant is as in as everyone makes it to be. Unless you’re the size of a toothpick, no one will ever be able to pull off that look. It reminds me of the tapered pants of past.

  • Andrea

    And to add. i’m average build, very tall, and will never be able to wear the relaxed pants. Wide leg pants are my go to fashion pants

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  • Judy

    Thanks for the links!
    Sarah Jessica Parker just looks fabulous in Relaxed Fit Pants.

    It meant for giving comfort to body and it does not require too much fancy dressing but just cool color t-shirt will work best with it.