How To Slim Down Your Thighs & Lift Your Butt

Are you looking for thigh slimming exercises for thinner thighs and a perky butt?

There are literally hundreds of different exercises you can do, but if you’re not careful you can end up doing exercises that will actually bulk up your thigh muscles instead of making them long and lean.

Sarah from teams up with Paula, a certified Pilates instructor, to demonstrate an advanced Pilates routine that is best for strengthening the core, butt and thighs. Get lean legs and a perky butt just by exercising a few minutes a day.

Watch the video below for some awesome exercises you’ll want to add to your daily routine so you’ll look amazing in a swimsuit come summer time!

Pilates doesn’t make you bulky like other exercise programs can. Pilates and Yoga makes your body toned, much like a ballerina. Your muscles won’t end up bulky and thick, making you look like you lift weights all day. Instead they will be slim and thin looking, almost like you were born that way. The instructor in the video above is a good example of what you would look like if you follow the routine or do similar Pilates exercises.

    Note: One of the exercises in this video is the same workout given in the Mama Mio Bootcamp For Butts kit. That one exercise alone did wonders for me in just 4 weeks. Imagine how great you’ll look in 4 weeks if you do all the exercises in this video above?!

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