What Not To Wear

I really don’t like the new “Neo Mod” trend that appears to be hitting the runways…

The dresses are square and boxy, making them unflattering on all Body Shapes. Even women with the perfect body look horrible in this style because you can’t see their shape at all. It’s like wearing a pup-tent!

The large prints are distracting and ugly, not to mention ugly. And oh, they’re ugly too…

Don’t be tempted to partake in this trend. It’s not worth it. I think it’s way worse than the 80′s comeback of leggings, wide belts, and big hair. At least leggings and belts are figure-flattering. These neo mod boxy pieces of crap don’t even look good on a hanger.

And for those of you that are considering trying out this trend, why don’t you buy some crocs too…

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  • josefina

    What you have failed to understand is the return of modesty among women. If you don’t want to show your granny panties, try to distract from lumps and bulges with words, or wear sweats in public…a boxy dress (doubles as a tunic with trousers, or even a coat with a trousers and top.

    Very big with the toque wearing “no you can’t see my hair” hijabi crowd. Who have achieved fashion jijad eminence over the skinny jeans on chubby legs class.

    You will see more and more figure shielding chic. There’s a market for it. An UPSCALE market.