Most Comfortable Pajamas In The World

gift ideaWondering who makes or sells the most comfortable pajamas in the world? Wondering which brand makes the softest, most luxurious nightgowns on the planet? I went on a comfy pajamas quest and searched high and low to find the most comfy PJ’s on the market and I KNOW that I found them!

I discovered Snoa Sleepwear – a company that created a line of romantic, warm, eco sleepwear that is specifically for those chilly nights. Their guiding philosophy is that being warm is sexy, elegance is essential, and ecological sustainability need not be forgotten in the process. The result is the most luxurious line of sleepwear on the planet. Nighties, pant-sets, bed-jackets, gowns and robes are all created to flatter a woman’s body and wrap her in sensuously soft, warm, and eco-friendly fabrics.

Snoa Nightgown

I’m wearing the Warm Toddy Nightgown in white, which is quickly selling out as people realize this is THE most comfortable nightgown in the world.

The Warm Toddy Gown has a double layer of super soft fabric that hugs your body, and a straight hemline that hits just above the thigh. The Warm Toddy Gown features a luscious wide collar of organic bamboo fleece that hugs the back of your neck and has a flattering V-neck. A six-inch fleece cuff offers instant warmth to one of the body’s most sensitive spots so you’ll be cozy warm even on the coldest of winter nights. This is truly luxury loungewear at its finest! This sexy and warm nightgown comes in white and in black.

Browse their amazing selection of Gowns & Nighties as well as Robes & Wraps.

Snoa’s nightgowns are sexy, warm and eco-friendly – what more could you possibly ask for? They made a very elegant Valentine’s gift!

valentine's day gift idea

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