Money Saving Tips: Save Your Sweaters with Lilly Brush

Are you tired of wasting money on those sticky lint brushes that don’t work nearly as well as they should? If you’re ready to ditch the lint rollers and save your sweaters, you should definitely check out Lilly Brush

This innovative and portable brush works to remove pet hair, lint and pills without damaging your sweaters. While it will not work on on artificial fibers, Lilly Brush is guaranteed to work on natural fibers like alpaca, wool, cotton, cashmere, hemp and angora.

Sarah had the opportunity to try the Lilly Brush, and she says it works well at removing pills, pet hair and those little fuzzies that always seem to crop up on our sweaters. It’s also great for upholstery, too!

She recommends that the Lilly Brush be used on fine-knit sweaters, though, since it doesn’t tend to work as well on bulkier knits.

With the Lilly Brush, you’ll be able to save time AND money, and use that money you saved to update your wardrobe for spring. It’s a win-win situation!

To purchase the Lilly Brush for $12.95, please visit Come back and tell us how it worked for you!

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