How to Style Soft Curly Coifs At Home

If you’re looking for a soft, curly hairstyle a la Nikki Reed at Gillette’s “Kiss and Tell” event, Sebastian Professional stylist Thomas Dunkin has shared several tips for achieving this casual ‘do.

1. Shampoo & Condition

While some styles actually look better with day-old hair, this particular coif requires cleansing and conditioning to look its best. Start by shampooing hair with  Sebastian Professional Trilliance Shampoo, followed up with the matching conditioner. Afterwards, blow-dry hair until your locks are only slightly damp.

2. Volumize

Nothing is worse than a hairstyle that falls flat mid-day, so aim to increase the volume of your hair beforehand. Spritz the roots of your hair with Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray, followed by a generous amount of Sebastian Professional Thickefy Foam applied throughout the length of your hair.

3. Dry

Once you’ve applied your volumizing products, it’s time to get curly! Blow dry large sections of hair and twist each section into a pin curl once dry. Use bobby pins to secure each curl.

4. Brush

Now that your hair has cooled and dried, take out your pin curls and use a vent brush to gently brush out your curls for a soft, sultry wave.

5. Set the Style

For the finishing touch, spritz hair with Sebastian Professional Shaper Hairspray to set your style and add otherworldly shine to your luscious locks.

That’s it! In five easy steps, you can have a casual, curly ‘do that doesn’t require hours in front of a mirror to achieve. To learn more about Sebastian Professional products, including where to buy, please visit


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