Rdio App Makes your Mobile Device Sing

With the presents unwrapped and the holiday leftovers gone, many of us are left with the feeling, “what now?” Well, if you are one of the lucky recipients of one of the 6.8 Million iOS and Android devices that were activated Christmas Day, or received one of the many other hot holiday tech gifts under the tree, Rdio is the app you must download to make your holiday gift really sing.

Rdio, created from the founders of Skype, is a revolutionary new digital music service that reinvents the way you discover, listen and share music — online and offline. Rdio has more than 12 million songs in their catalog and a unique social interface that allows you to listen to and discover new music from anywhere.  Not only are Rdio apps available for iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch and Android devices, Rdio is also available for Windows 7 Phones and BlackBerries, all offering users the capability to sync their collections to their mobile device, hence allowing users to enjoy Rdio even in the absence of an Internet connection. Rdio subscribers can also access their Rdio subscription through their Kobo Vox, Sonos, Roku and via a Window’s desktop application and web browser, so regardless of what gadget Santa left under the tree, chances are you can tune into Rdio directly from it.

After a 7-day free trial, users can continue getting free access to Rdio on the Web or subscribe to Rdio Unlimited for $9.99/month from your mobile or the Web. Rdio Unlimited includes access on the Web, Mac or PC desktop client, tablets such as iPad and Kindle Fire, mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7, and in-home devices like Sonos and Roku. Rdio is also available in the car via Pioneer AppRadio. Rdio Web is also available for $4.99/month (Web & Mac/Windows desktop clients). Rdio Unlimited Family offers 2-3 person accounts on one plan for a discounted subscription rate (Two accounts cost $17.99 per month, three accounts cost $22.99 per month, each additional account is $9.99 each).

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